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Catherine JohnsonCatherine Johnson

librarian faculty
Division of Science, Information Arts and Technologies

Contact Information:

Phone: 410.837.4276

M.S., Syracuse University
B.Phil., Miami University

When I was an undergraduate, I was fortunate to take a class in information studies taught by a librarian. This course opened my eyes to the challenges and opportunities created in the information society we’re living in.

Because information is so easy to access in today’s society, basic research no longer requires hours spent in the library pouring over microfilm and dusty volumes. Information is now easily created and shared instantaneously. That makes the ability to locate credible information and create something new and relevant based on that information an incredibly valuable skill in the 21st century.

What attracted me to the University of Baltimore in 2007 was the opportunity to teach a course on information literacy and share my excitement and fascination for our information society with students. In addition to teaching courses, I have been fortunate to work with students from a variety of disciplines to enhance their research, serve as a liaison to multiple academic departments and maintain regular hours at the reference desk.

My research interests include how cognitive development affects students’ ability to learn information literacy, how information literacy can best be integrated into the university curriculum and effective pedagogies for information literacy instruction.