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Jeffrey L. HooverJeffrey L. Hoover

associate professor
Klein Family School of Communications Design

Additional Roles:

director, B.A. in lntegrated Arts program

Contact Information:

Phone: 410.837.6027

Ph.D., Texas Tech University
M.M., B.S., Ball State University
Jeffrey Hoover's C.V. and website

There was something intriguing about the sleek black clarinet in the coat closet and the art history text on the bookshelf, overflowing with amazing images. My fascination as a child with these two objects helped set me on a journey in the arts that would carry me through my entire life.

I'm excited to be the director of the B.A. in Integrated Arts program at the University of Baltimore. The program teaches people how to work effectively within arts organizations and how to help artists promote their work as creative individuals. Aspects of presenting the arts, arts management, the role of the arts in society, and continued personal growth are at the core of this program. Having served on arts boards, working as an arts administrator and teaching about the arts, I've seen the great need to equip people for success in this way.

In my own creative work, I play and compose new classical music and jazz. As a saxophonist and woodwind player, I've had the opportunity to travel and to connect with people. I also create paintings that are visual interpretations of music; the audience can both hear and see the ideas as they unfold on the stage or in the art gallery.

Holding an interdisciplinary arts doctorate as well as bachelor's and master's degrees in music, I've had a rich and fulfilling career as a teacher, working with high school, college and university students in different regions of the country. My initial reason for becoming a teacher was to provide students some of the same great experiences I've had in my own upbringing. That motivation has not changed over time. Serving on the faculty at the University of Baltimore gives me precisely that opportunity: equipping students to follow their muse and to serve their community through the arts.