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Yale Gordon College of Arts and Sciences

Stephen H. Matanle

Stephen H. MatanleStephen H. Matanle

associate professor
Klein Family School of Communications Design

Contact Information:

Phone: 410.837.6036

Ph.D., American University
B.A., M.A., The Johns Hopkins University

Years of experience as a teacher and writer have taught me that works of imagination, whether we are reading them or creating them, clarify and intensify our lives. In a world of information, we can find something more—insight and delight—in the discipline and pleasure of reading, in the practice of imaginative writing. Our understanding and appreciation of literary characters, our passionate encounters with language, help us to know ourselves and others, to learn what matters most deeply to us and why.

The experience of writing, in its play of private impulses and public interests, of vision and craft, is often a kind of education, a way of developing our sentiments and judgments.

I teach in the undergraduate English program and in the M.F.A. in Creative Writing & Publishing Arts program. In addition to teaching a wide range of literature, film and writing courses, I have published both poetry and fiction in numerous literary journals. I have held the Klein Professorship in Writing and Literature and have been a recipient of the Distinguished Teaching Award in the Yale Gordon College of Liberal Arts.

Works by Steve Matanle:

Patience (Pirate Island Press, 2008)

Read excerpts from my sequence of poems The Black Notebook .

Collaboration with the band Red Sammy on the album These Poems With Kerosene.