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Yale Gordon College of Arts and Sciences

Evaluation and Planning

The annual evaluation and planning process provides faculty with an opportunity to report on their accomplishments for the current year and to plan their teaching, research and service agendas for the coming year. This process consists of an evaluation phase and a planning phase.

  • Annual Faculty Evaluation Process

    All faculty members—tenured, tenure track, contractual, full time and half time—are required to participate in this; adjunct faculty are not. The faculty member completes an Annual Faculty Performance Review (AFPR) through Digital Measures for the current year and transmits it to the division chair. (Digital Measures is available through your My UB portal.)

    The faculty member also submits the USM Survey of Faculty Non-Instructional Productivity to the chair.

    2015 Deadlines:

  • Planned Faculty Portfolio Process

    The faculty member provides the Planned Faculty Portfolio (PFP) information on Digital Measures. This information must be revised during the academic year if there is any change to the percentages allotted to each of Instruction, Scholarship/Creative Work and/or Service. PFP information is included on the Annual Faculty Performance Review document through Digital Measures.

    The faculty member also completes the Outside Employment Form for the upcoming year and submits it to the division chair.

    2015 Deadlines:

The necessary forms provided on this page should be filled out electronically and saved to your computer. From there, you can print them and provide the hard copies to your division chair. We also recommend you keep a copy for yourself.

For questions, contact the associate dean 410.837.5342.