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Meet some of our students.

Tracy Gold Tracy

Tracy Gold (Baltimore, Maryland) is a writer, editor, marketer, and teacher. Her stories are published or forthcoming in YARN, 50-Word Stories, The Stoneslide Corrective, Un-Bloc, and "The Female Complaint," an anthology from Shade Mountain Press due Fall 2015. When Tracy's not working or writing, she's riding her ex-racehorse, playing with her dog, running or hiking. 

I love how this program encourages us to reach out of our comfort zones and experiment with all types of creativity, from writing and performing in different genres to designing our own books. You get a lot of support during the process--the community of students and faculty at UB is incredible. I've made good friends and found inspiring mentors and collaborators.

Sharea Harris Sharea

Sharea Harris (Huntsville, Alabama) is a spoken word artist who works as a teacher and editor. She been published in Welter , UB's literary journal.

I see the book in a totally new way; I see the page and the poem in a new light. I've learned so much about publishing and can't wait to start my thesis project.


Ellen HartleyEllen

Ellen Hartley (Baltimore, Maryland) Many lifetimes ago she was a professional flutist, but when freelance music failed to cover the rent, she switched to a more practical course and became a lawyer. For twelve years Ellen was the mental health coordinator with the Baltimore City State's Attorney's Office. She has also taught (flute and music history) at Towson State University, and wrote music criticism and feature articles for several local newspapers.

In my impending dotage I nourish my soul by writing poetry and memoir.

Lisa Van WormerLisa

Lisa Van Wormer (East Detroit, Michigan) came to UB from deployment in Iraq. Her literary nonfiction has appeared in Baltimore Fishbowl and has been part of The Signal. She enjoys spending time with her five-year old daughter, Ivy, and husband, Hayden, who is also a veteran.

I have always wanted to write, but there were so things in my way. In just the first year of the program, I've learned so much about my voice, and I love the artistic community in Baltimore.

Christopher WarmanChristopher

Christopher Warman (Baltimore, Maryland) is a lifetime UBer and a writer. He has been the editor of Welter as an undergraduate and a graduate student. He is the president of UB's creative writing student organization, Writers' Bloc.

You wake up every morning to your cruddy job and the only thing you can think of as you stare at the cash register is how you want to make things with words, but all you're allowed to say is 'have a nice day,' But then you join this program and off the bat you have, like, thirty new best friends that just want that too and you can finally be like 'I'm awake.'

Ron WilliamsRon

Ron Kipling Williams (Washington, DC) is a poet and solo performance artist who also teaches writing composition at UB. He has been published in Welter magazine.

The M.F.A. program opened my five senses, allowing me to approach my writing in completely fresh and effective ways. It also helps the writer to strike a great balance between being highly creative and highly professional.