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LEST Students on "Why LEST?"


I was undecided as to whether I wanted to dive straight into law school or find a master’s program that was centered around legal education. I began researching many different programs but the LEST program was the perfect match, providing a very detailed course offering and curriculum. The ability to be in the program and it not interfere with my full time job was an extreme selling point.
-- Elizabeth Hughes

"I was initially interested in law school, but I had been out of school for three years after obtaining my undergrad degree, and I realized I was not focused enough mentally to perform well on the LSAT. My sister had actually found the LEST program and suggested that I apply, and it was the best decision I have ever made." -- Paul Rodriguez

"The LEST program offers two tracks. This is beneficial because you have some people who want to attend law school and then you have some who just want to learn about the law in more depth. Another aspect that attracted me is the various classes that are offered. I was able to take advanced legal writing classes, an ethics and film class, and a criminal law class." -- Nija Bastfield

"The professors are excellent. They are highly competent and passionate about teaching. I’ve never reached out to a professor for help and did not get results. They truly care about the students and want them to succeed. Dedication like that is hard to find. And that is what sets the LEST program apart."
-- Memory Jackson

"The program allowed me to pick and choose areas of law that would be applicable with my future career in law enforcement. … Law school would have accomplished this; however, there are some parts of the law that I do not need to know, and I found the LEST program very specifically applicable for those seeking careers in law enforcement." -- Jesse Pulliam

"The various backgrounds and work experiences that my colleagues bring to the program has resulted in an interesting classroom experience that has been intellectually stimulating. Additionally, the LEST program offers students the opportunity to interact with community organizations." -- Frank Lucas