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Read what some our Counseling Psychology alumni have to say...


"I adore UB. The program structure allowed me to balance full-time employment with part-time academics. I never felt behind or rushed during my whole time in attendance. When I had a rough semester, professors and administrators were constantly available as I found my way back on track. I cherish some of the conversations from that time and sometimes find myself quoting my professors even now. I tell others often how well prepared I am for the many roles I've found myself in. I currently work for a private practice (for another UB alum) and at a hospital; I love both roles assisting individuals with outpatient and inpatient needs. I'm also involved in two Maryland professional organizations, recently taking on leadership roles, after professors encouraged each of us to be more involved with the profession outside of the office. Without the proper guidance, I would not have taken the initiative to advocate for myself, my clients or our profession. My experience at UB is irreplaceable!"

-Michelle Schoonmaker, M.S. '12, LCPC
 therapist, Metamorphosis Institute (outpatient)
 behavioral health specialist, MedStar Union Memorial Hospital


"I very much enjoyed my time studying counseling while at the University of Baltimore. The overall program was unlike any educational experience I’ve ever encountered and I had no idea how hands on and approachable the staff would be. The quality of clinical instruction was phenomenal and it felt as though there was always someone supporting and encouraging me to improve upon practiced skills outlined in our texts. Each professor felt like a mentor and every class was edifying and creatively enriching in its own special way. It was great to be around such accomplished professionals, and I deeply appreciated how the instructors allowed students the flexibility to experiment with different techniques and formulations in generating their own style. From a practical standpoint, it was made evident that UB has a firm connection with several key employers in the Baltimore-D.C. Metro region, which only increases the amount of opportunities to find practicum placements and subsequently employers and careers. I am doing what I love and now work as a mental health therapist at Serenity Acres Treatment Center in Crownsville, MD. I truly am living a life I had only dreamed of several years ago. Thank you so much UB, I really am proud and continually humbled when I reflect on the amount of effort you put into myself and my fellow classmates in providing us with an experience we will always remember. "

-Charlie Billingsley, M.S. '15, LGPC

Katy"I had worked many jobs in my 20’s trying to find my career identity, and upon entering UB’s training program, I felt like I had finally found my home. The faculty, who are licensed psychologists, fostered my self-reflection as a trainee, which helped me to grow as a therapist. UB’s program prepares students for the real work of conducting psychotherapy in a developmental, strengths-based, multiculturally-sensitive and social justice-oriented training model. The faculty encourage students to get involved with research projects and professional organizations by attending local, regional, and national conferences. My passion for the field of counseling psychology grew every semester in UB’s program. I felt prepared and comfortable in my identity as a psychotherapist at the end of my training at UB, and I chose to continue my education and return to the field as a faculty member, in order to teach and supervise a new generation of psychotherapy trainees. I hope to instill the same sense of excitement I found in UB’s program to new generations of students who are passionate about helping others!"

-Katy Shaffer, M.S. '10
 lecturer, University of Baltimore


"University of Baltimore allowed me to work a part-time job while still enrolling in school full-time. With the nature of being in such a small program I was able to receive the attention I needed. I was able to receive assistance both in classes and when searching for a proper internship that would fit my hectic schedule as well as my interests. The professors at UB helped me pick the right internship, which eventually became my first job out of grad school. Thanks to them I felt well prepared when sitting with a client, and have been lucky enough to work with a large range of clients and needs. I can thank the program and professors at UB for helping me find my own style allowing me to be successful in my every day practice."

-Ari Jacobson, M.S. '12, LCPC, NCC
 child and adult therapist, Aspire Wellness Center


"UB has been an integral part of my life and career in Counseling Psychology.  I was able to work full-time, and finish all of my requirements and supervision hours for my LCPC.  I now have a busy private practice working with children and families, and wellness center, and have taught at UB as an adjunct professor.  When I was in middle school, I wrote in my yearbook that I was going to become a Child Therapist. Without UB, I couldn't have fulfilled all of my career goals in the Counseling field. The instructors and my advisor were always available and helpful in guiding me in my coursework and my program. I was given the individualized attention that prepared me as a new counselor.  My professors were extremely knowledgeable, and I still use what I was taught almost twenty years ago, now, in my sessions with clients.  And many of those professors are still teaching at UB!  When I was asked to come and teach about Private Practice as an elective class, I was honored and elated to come back to my Alma Mater to teach my passion, as others did for me years before." 

-Lisa Thommen, M.S. '98, LCPC
 psychotherapist/business owner, Valley Wellness Center


"The knowledge and skill that I obtained at UB was absolutely life changing! I began my graduate studies at UB in 2008. I learned so much and felt as if I gained a family in the process. I now work as a clinician at Sinai Adult Outpatient Psychiatry. Last year I purchased my first home and in 2013 I upgraded my vehicle. Life is good! I would not change the experience I received at UB for anything. It is definitely knowledge that works!"


-Nikki Chapple, M.S. '10, LCPC