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  • A group of students, including Daniel Bellacero, Efehi Edomwonyi, Alyssa Gradus, Sarah Hewitt, Sondisa Obie, Nonyelum Oko, Gabrielle Sigalis, and Jay Souder participated in the Jefferson County Assesment Center program this past summer, working with the Personnel Board of Jefferson County.

  • Molly Flax and Taras Letnauchen, M.S. '17, spent two weeks in Gandia, Spain as part of their participation in the Erasmus Mundus European Masters’ “Winter School” consortium at the University of Valencia.

  • The first group of 19 graduate students in the I-O Psychology program, led by Prof. Sharon Glazer, studied abroad at the University of Barcelona in January 2017.

  • Prof. Glazer will be taking up to an additional 10 I-O Psychology students to Barcelona in January 2018 and another 10 to University of Pau-Bayonne in March 2018.

  • Noel Jones, an entering second-year student, is preparing a behavioral description interview for Service Coordination, Inc.

  • Tannaz Rahman is now employed with IMPAQ International, engaging in business analytic projects.

  • Shelby Reichardt landed a new internship in organizational development at T. Rowe Price.

  • Krystal Roach will begin her Ph.D. studies in I-O Psychology at Central Michigan University.

  • Sonja Song, an exchange student from University of Valencia, completed two practica with Agora, Inc. and Maryland Department of Budget and Management, Office of Personnel Services and Benefits.


  • Patrick Anderson, M.S. '16, has a new position with Pepsico.

  • Dian Brady, M.S. '15, is with Prometric, Inc.

  • Lauren Burk, M.S. '17, started new job with Employee Benefits Services (EBS) of Maryland as client management coordinator. Lauren is looking to align organizational psychological principles with HR employee benefits practices by developing programs around occupational health and stress, performance managements, and OD.

  • Judah Frank, M.S. '17, who interned at the Office of Personnel Management, as part of the government's Pathways Program, was converted into a full-time employee.

  • Alyssa Gradus, M.S. '17, spearheaded an I-O Psychology consortium—Industrial Organizational Innovative Solutions Committee—in conjunction with fellow students Tyler Reck, Michael Micklos and Sondisa Obie, at the Maryland Department of Transportation.

  • Fresia Jackson, M.S. '15, was hired by CultureAmp in San Francisco, CA.

  • Ivica Pavisic, M.S. '16, completed his thesis, "Supervisors’ leadership style influence on subordinate stress: A cross-cultural study of the benefits of transformational supervision," and is in the midst of completing his Ph.D. at Bowling Green State University.

  • Yari Randall, M.S. '17, will begin a new job at IPMA-HR as a research and development associate conducting job analyses, selection assessments and criterion-related validation studies for many of the security positions in Arlington County such as police officers, firefighters, etc.


  • Prof. Glazer co-authored and published the first issue of a new SpringerBriefs Series on  Culture, Organizations, and Work , for which she is also a co-editor.


  • August 2017 | The Division of Applied Behavioral Sciences signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the National Aquarium.

  • June 2017 | The I-O Psychology program is now a partner of the Erasmus Plus European Masters in Work, Organizational and Personnel Psychology Consortium.

  • March 2017 | The I-O Psychology program signed a Letter of Cooperation (LOC) with the IAE Pau-Bayonne, École Universitaire de Management in Bayonne, France. Our first group of I-O Psychology graduate students will study abroad there in March 2018.

  • February 2017 | The I-O Psychology program signed an MOU with the University of Valencia.

  • January 2017 | The I-O Psychology program signed an LOC with University of Barcelona, Spain.

  • April 2015 | The I-O Psychology program signed an LOC with University of Silesia, Poland.