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Hear what our employers have to say...

"Several of our student interns in the position of Personnel Research Psychologist at U.S. Customs and Border Protection have been graduate students at the University of Baltimore. We have been very pleased with their knowledge of the principles of industrial and organizational psychology and with their ability to apply that knowledge in a real-world situation. These students were able to contribute meaningfully to our mission from the beginning of their internship."
--Bob Simpson, deputy director, Personnel Research and Assessment Division, OHRM, U.S. Customs & Border Protection

"I have been particularly impressed with the job knowledge that students build as part of the program as well as the strong skill set they develop related to statistical methods, psychometrics and research design. This skill set is not easy to find at the master's level, but UB has developed a curriculum that emphasizes these particular characteristics."
--Eric M. Dunleavy, principal consultant, DCI Consulting Group

Hear what our students and alumni have to say...


"Attending UB was truly one of the best decisions of my life. The educational training provided me with the foundation necessary to excel in my career. Since graduating in ’13, I’ve made significant contributions to work systems and processes, equally balancing both the “I” and “O” of industrial-organizational psychology. To date, I have obtained several positions in both county and federal government, the latest as a Personnel Psychologist for the US Export-Import Bank. In each role, I was able to rely on the knowledge, skills, and abilities learned at the institution to successfully navigate the complexities of work in the 21st century. I’m forever grateful for the opportunity to spend my graduate studies at UB and would recommend its program to any aspiring I-O practitioner."

-Hermanski Jackson, M.S. '13


"My time in the program at UB was critical in preparing me for my future career. In addition to being involved in multiple research projects, I had the opportunity to apply the skills I learned during an internship with the State Highway Administration. These experiences helped me secure a position at the American Institutes for Research, which ultimately paved the way for me to return to graduate school and pursue a doctorate in Organizational Science at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte. I would recommend UB's program to anyone who's considering an applied position with a background psychology."

-Andrew Loignon, M.S. '10


"During my time at UB, I was able to engage in internships with the Maryland Transit Administration and U.S. Customs and Border Protection, while also participating in the Erasmus Mundus Winter School program. Each of these experiences provided me with invaluable hands-on experience applying I/O principles and allowed me to work collaboratively with renowned professionals and scholars. More than anything, the professors at UB were deeply invested in my professional development and taught me to think critically about the tough talent-related problems organizations face every day. I can confidently say that UB's I/O curriculum exceeded my expectations and adequately prepared me to become a valued and contributing member of my human capital team at Booz Allen Hamilton."

-Katie Wrenn, M.S. '14


"When pursuing any advanced degree it is essential to have a university with various options for career opportunities, practical assignments that allow students to experience their respective field of study, flexible class schedules, and well-accomplished professors in diverse fields. The value that UB has over other colleges is their immense amount of relationships that are held with organizations in the DC-Baltimore region. After completing a semester-long project in our Consulting Skills class working with conservation staff at the National Aquarium, numerous students received internship offers. Not only does UB provide a quality education, but they go a step further to provide the resources to ensure a smooth transition into one’s career."

-William Haller, M.S. in progress


"I’m very thankful for the knowledge and skills I learned while at UB. The focus on application of theory to real-world scenarios helped me develop an analytical approach that translated well to my career as a test developer. This emphasis, combined with the faculty’s passion and breadth of experience, really sets UB apart from other master’s level programs. In addition, UB gave me the opportunity to work with other international applied psychology students and faculty, which prepared me well for success in the global environment in which I currently work."

-Thomas Fiske, M.S. '13


"Thanks to UB's convenient evening class schedule, I was able to complete my master’s degree without putting my career on hold. The professors are experienced professionals who bring real-world experiences into the classroom and foster a passion for psychology within their students. I had the opportunity to participate in an international program as part of my coursework, which prepared me to work alongside seasoned professionals and Ph.D.-level staff in a global leadership assessment and development role. Without those experiences and the practical, hands-on approach to learning at UB, I would not be where I am today." 

-Rebecca Stern, M.S. '12

Kathy Ford"I couldn’t be happier with my graduate school experience and the resulting career opportunities I’ve had since earning my MS in I-O Psychology at the University of Baltimore. The classes I was required to take are directly applicable to the work I do and prepared me to enter the field with knowledge that I feel put me ahead of recent graduates from other programs. I miss seeing my cohort and our professors every week, but there is a wonderful network of current and former students who stay in touch with each other and our professors for career advice, referrals, and just to socialize, because we developed relationships beyond our shared academics during our time at UB. The faculty does everything they can to help students find internships during the program and jobs afterwards. I was able to get an excellent job that pays very well following graduation and recommend this program without reservation!"  

-Kathy Ford, M.S. '14

"I started the Applied Psychology program at UB not knowing much about Industrial and Organizational Psychology. The first semester was tough but my professors helped me make sense of all the new information I was learning. My classmates (many of whom are now close friends) were supportive and always helpful. UB was the ideal place to find my career path and build a strong professional network. My professors were very supportive and encouraged me to develop as an individual. They always provided me with unparalleled support and honest feedback. I had the opportunity to participate in the “Bernhard Wilpert” Winter School and I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to work with students from abroad and learn from some of the most prominent minds in the I-O field."

-Luisa Sersch, M.S. '14