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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many courses can I take each semester?

    Full-time students may not register for more than 16 credits per semester or 7 credits in the summer without the approval of their adviser. 

  • Do I need to take any placement exams?

    All students are required to take the writing placement before taking WRIT 300 Composition and Research. Math placement is required if the college mathematics requirement has not been met at the time of transfer. Placement should be completed before registering for your second semester. 

  • When should I take WRIT 300 Composition and Research?

    Students should take the class within the first two semesters. 

  • What do SG1, WB1, NH1, LC1, HLC1 and TO1 mean on the class schedule?

    SG1 means that the class is offered at The Universities at Shady Grove campus (Rockville, MD). WB1 refers to an online course. NH1 refers to an honors section and requires special permission. LC1 and HLC1 refer to learning community courses reserved for freshmen only. TO1 means that the course is on a ten-week schedule. 

  • How do I change my major?

    If a current UB student wishes to officially change majors, that student must get approval from the program director/adviser in the new program. An official change of major form must be signed by the student, new program director/adviser and a representative from the Dean’s Office and then sent to the Registrar’s Office. The student must meet requirements for graduation in the new major which are in the catalog dated for the semester of change. 

  • Am I required to meet with an adviser every semester?

    Students are only required to meet with their adviser before registering for the first semester. Advisers are certainly available to students at any point in their undergraduate career, but advising every semester is not required – though it is encouraged.

  • Do I need to complete a plagiarism tutorial?

    Yes, all new students are required to complete a plagiarism tutorial before registering for their second semesters. The plagiarism tutorial can be accessed at

  • May I repeat/replace a class?

    Yes, students entering UB as of the fall 2014 semester may repeat any course in which they receive a grade below C up to two times (making three attempts per course). If a course is repeated to replace a grade, the replacement grade is calculated into the student’s grade point average, regardless of whether it is higher or lower than the original grade. The credit value of any repeated course is counted one time only to satisfy graduation requirements.

  • Can I declare a minor?

    Yes, UB students may declare a minor once they have earned at least 24 credits with a minimum GPA of 2.00-2.50 (depending on the minor). For a list of available minors, please visit

  • Am I allowed to take a course off-campus?

    Yes, students are allowed to take a course off-campus with approval from their program directors/academic advisers. The University of Baltimore participates in inter-institutional registration in which full-time students can take classes during the fall or spring semester at other state colleges/universities in Maryland. Please check with your adviser about other off-campus options.

  • What do the writing and math general education holds on my account mean?

    For students who do not transfer in an English Composition or general education math course, a hold will be placed on their accounts. Students are strongly encouraged to complete these courses as soon as possible. Students will be required to meet with their adviser each semester until the two courses are complete. 

  • Whom should I contact about the hold on my account?

    There are various holds that may be placed on a student’s account and that may prevent registration for the following term. As previously stated, initial holds are placed on student’s accounts because all students are required to meet with an Academic Program Coordinator (adviser) prior to registering for their first semesters. The program coordinator can remove the initial advising hold following that meeting; the program coordinator can also remove the writing and math general education holds mentioned in the question above, as well as a hold due to being placed on probationary academic status. Contact the Bursar’s Office to satisfy any outstanding balances to have a financial hold removed. Be advised that some hold removals take time to address; do not wait until the day that classes start to resolve your hold as that will prevent you from registering on time.

  • What are the criteria for the Dean's List?

    The Dean’s List is divided into two sections: High Honors and Honors. Full-time students (enrolled in 12 or more credits) are awarded High Honors if they have earned a 4.00 semester GPA. Full-time students are awarded Honors if they have earned a semester GPA of 3.25-3.99 with no grade lower than a B. 

  • May I take graduate courses as an undergraduate student?

    A current UB student who has a cumulative GPA of a 3.50 or higher and has at least 15 credits of earned UB coursework may be eligible to take graduate coursework as an undergraduate student up to 9 credits. This is called an accelerated bachelor’s/master’s program. The student must get approval from both the undergraduate program director/adviser and the graduate program director to register for the course. The graduate course will not only count towards undergraduate degree requirements, but it will also count toward graduate degree requirements once the student is admitted to the appropriate graduate degree program. A grade of “B” or better must be earned to count towards graduate coursework. Graduate tuition rates will be charged. 

  • What are the criteria to graduate with honors?

    To graduate with honors, students must have earned 48+ credits at UB, not have used a repeat/replace for a course, and have a GPA in one of the following categories:

    Cum Laude: Cumulative UB GPA of 3.50-3.74

    Magna Cum Laude: Cumulative UB GPA of 3.75-3.89

    Summa Cum Laude: Cumulative UB GPA of 3.90-4.00