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Learning Outcomes

Mission Statement: Our mission is to provide academic advising that fosters student success and promotes timely progress toward graduation. Yale Gordon College of Arts and Sciences advising is a student-centered, collaborative process that engages students in educational planning and instills in them a sense of responsibility. The relationship between students and advisers focuses on developing an appropriate individualized academic plan with the goal of timely progress toward degree completion. The educational plans will be consistent with the student’s academic, personal, and professional goals. We ensure that informed, effective, and easily accessible academic advising is available to all upper-level undergraduates as well as graduate students.

Service Student Learning Outcomes

1. Students will be able to utilize campus resources and engage in co-curricular activities to achieve their educational goals.

2. Students will be able to develop a plan for degree completion and career preparation that support their personal and educational goals.

3. Students will be able to utilize technology to assist them in managing their progress towards degree completion and goals.

4. Students will communicate with their academic adviser to better understand degree requirements and academic policies.