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Digital. Social. Mobile. Communication as we know it has changed for good.

Why major in digital communication?

Because increasingly, it's where you'll reach your audiences. The number of organizations worldwide using digital media to promote their brands and communicate with their audiences is growing exponentially.

  • Social networks and blogs account for nearly a quarter of Americans' total time spent online.1
  • Nearly four in five active Internet users visit social media and blogs.1
  • U.S. Internet users spend more time on Facebook than on any other site, and Facebook claims more than 530 million users (about 170 percent of the total population of the United States).1
  • Social networks reach 22 percent of the global population.2
  • North America leads the world for social media penetration.2
  • Brands are acquiring fans at the rate of 9 percent per month.2

1 Nielsen social media report, 2011 Q3
2 Econsultancy Internet Statistics Compendium, July 2012

Develop expertise in strategy, writing and design for digital media and become an asset to any business or organization.

Digital, mobile and social media are now integral to the communication strategies of businesses, nonprofit organizations and government agencies. Employers are looking to hire communication specialists versed in writing, marketing and production as they relate to the technologies of the 21st century.

In this Bachelor of Arts program, you'll:

  • learn how to write and design effectively for digital media
  • explore the impact of digital technologies on 21st-century communication, business, arts and culture
  • examine business applications of digital media
  • perfect strategies for informing and persuading audiences
  • think critically and creatively to solve problems and adapt to new technology environments.

Do more.

Want to add a minor to your major?
Learn more about our minors. (Note that not all minors are possible to combine with every major.)

Thinking about law school?
Learn more about our Automatic Admit option through the UB School of Law.

Shorten your path to your master's degree.
Students who qualify may take up to 9 graduate credits, which apply to both the bachelor's degree in Digital Communication and the M.A. in Publications Design or the M.S. in Interaction Design and Information Architecture. Contact us for more information or learn more about our accelerated options.

How it works:

You'll take a set of seven core courses that provide a broad-based, practical understanding of communication in the 21st century, exploring the history, theory and impact of communication media, especially digital and social media.

You'll choose a nine-course specialization, including elective courses, in:

  • Digital Theory & Culture
  • Media Design & Production
  • Public Relations.

You'll supplement your digital communication major courses with general electives and general education studies.

Life after college:

You'll be prepared to launch a career such as:

  • audio/video producer
  • communication specialist
  • copywriter
  • events planner
  • graphic designer
  • journalist
  • marketing director
  • media/public relations specialist
  • project manager
  • social media specialist
  • technical writer
  • Web designer
  • to work as a freelance communication specialist or consultant
  • to go on to graduate school in nearly any field, but especially in digital communication and culture.