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Understand human motivation and interaction and discover how they apply to the real world.

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Students who qualify may take up to 9 graduate credits, which apply to both the bachelor's degree in Psychology and the M.S. in Applied PsychologyContact us for more information or learn more about our accelerated options.


Undergraduate psychology student Troy Richardson presented with Associate Professor Courtney Gasser at the 2016 National Career Development Association annual conference on their research paper "Career Behaviors and Adaptabilities in Job Groups."

Studying psychology can open doors to an exciting, fascinating career, and this Bachelor of Arts program exposes you to the theories, methods and applied aspects of the field, offering you the practical skills training necessary to enter the job market or continue on to graduate studies.

A two-semester sequence of both statistics and research methods allows you to investigate their related concepts together, so you can gain hands-on experience in researching and then apply statistics to analyze what you find. Your senior project will give you the opportunity to showcase what you've learned through an internship, research project, presentation and more. 

Our graduates pursue careers as varied as family service worker, employment recruiter, technical writer and college admissions recruiter, or go on to attain advanced degrees in equally varied fields, such as behavioral medicine, criminal justice, nursing and human resource management. 

With your bachelor's degree, you'll be prepared for such positions as:



  • community health educator
  • data analyst
  • case manager
  • human resources specialist
  • rehab specialist
  • organization consultant
  • substance abuse counselor
  • crisis intervention counselor

Want to learn more about what you can do with a psychology degree? Explore your career options.

Program contacts:
Sally D. Farley, director, B.A. in Psychology program Sharon Glazer, chair, Division of Applied Behavioral Sciences

To become a member of the UB chapter of Psi Chi, The International Society in Psychology, contact Michael Frederick at 410.837.5997.


Check out what these UB psych majors plan to do with their psychology degrees...

  • Hilary
    B.A. '15

    Research Lab: Existential Issues and Friendship Processes Lab and Urban Life History Lab

    #ThisPsychMajor is planning to work as a sex therapist and researcher.

  • Troy
    B.A. '16

    Research Lab: Career Adaptability Lab

    #ThisPsychMajor is planning to change the workforce.

  • Anthony
    B.A. '15

    Research Lab: Non-Verbal Behavior Lab and Existential Issues and Friendship Processes Lab

    This psych major now works as a research assistant at a consulting firm.

  • marian
    Senior, graduating fall '16

    Research Lab: Urban Life History Lab

    #ThisPsychMajor plans to work in either neuropsychology or animal psychology.

  • Jefferson
    B.A. '16

    Research Lab: Emotion Regulation Lab

    #ThisPsychMajor wants to pursue graduate study in neuroscience.

  • Terrence
    B.A. '16

    Research Lab: Wagman Applied Psychology Lab

    #ThisPsychMajor plans to pursue graduate study in social psychology.

See what psych majors across the country are doing with their degrees in How Psychology Majors Are Responding to Jeb Bush's Diss (courtesy of

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