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You are unbeatable when playing video and computer games. Now learn to be a pro at creating them.

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Learn more about our minors. (Note that not all minors are possible to combine with every major.)

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Students who qualify may take up to 9 graduate credits, which apply to both the bachelor's degree in Simulation and Digital Entertainment and the M.S in Interaction Design and Information Architecture. Contact us for more information or to learn more about our accelerated options

For transfer students: Our undergraduate program is also offered at the Universities at Shady Grove in Rockville, Md. If you have not earned an associate degree in simulation and digital entertainment or a related area, you must satisfy four additional core course requirements prior to being admitted to UB's program at USG.

What you'll study:

  • basic game concepts and design
  • the fundamentals of computer programming
  • 3-D modeling and animation
  • usability design
  • the application of simulation to education and other nonentertainment fields
  • design of multiplayer games.

The coursework can help prepare you for graduate study or a career in information technology and computer science, as well as business and visual design.

How the program works:

To enhance your skills in a specific area of specialization, you'll choose from one of two content areas:

  • Technical Art: If you want to build your skill sets with 3-D modeling and animation and with integrating them into game engines, this track prepares you to become a technical artist who works with programmers and artists. The track focuses on higher-level 3-D skills and requires visual artistic talent.
  • Level Design: This area of specialization is ideal for you if you want to improve your scripting and logic in preparation for a career as a level designer, who creates the interactive architecture for segments of a game.

Through dual capstone seminars, you'll work closely with professionals to test and build games and simulations, and you'll graduate with a portfolio of projects to showcase your skills.

Make a Bee Line Toward Your Degree

Bee Line, a transfer access program designed to benefit Montgomery College students who plan to transfer to a University of Baltimore bachelor's degree program, is available for this program at the Universities at Shady Grove. Learn more.

Consider your job prospects: More than 100 companies in the Baltimore-Washington area are involved in interactive development.

Video games and simulations are a multibillion-dollar industry, and in our bachelor's program you'll gain the hands-on experience and theoretical knowledge necessary to land an exciting and fulfilling career in the field.