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Simulation and Game Design Degree Requirements

  • These requirements apply to students entering this program in fall 2017 and thereafter. Students who enrolled earlier should consult the catalog in effect at the time they enrolled.
  • Read the course descriptions.

General Education Requirements 
(43 credits)

General Education requirements for all new students entering UB in fall 2016 and after.

Simulation and Game Design Program Requirements (51 credits)

Core Courses (36 credits)

  • Introduction to Game Design (COSC 150)
  • Internet Technologies: Mastering the Basics 
    (COSC 155)
  • Computer Graphics: Imaging (CMAT 212) or Graphics for Game Design (COSC 160)
  • Game Scripting (COSC 250)
  • Introduction to 3-D Graphics (COSC 260)
  • Programming for Interactive Design (COSC 315) *
  • Game Concept and Design (COSC 320)
  • Designing for Humans (COSC 324)
  • The Business of Game Development (COSC 405)
  • Frontiers of Game Design (COSC 440)

Choose one of the following Games Criticism courses:

  • Game Journalism (COSC 390)
  • Interactive Narrative (COSC 402)
  • Social Media and Games (COSC 407)
  • History of Video Games (COSC 408)

Choose one of the following Serious Games courses:

  • Games for Learning (COSC 330)
  • Community-Focused Game Design (COSC 477)

* Transfer students who have taken a college course in C++ programming or an equivalent course in object-oriented programming may substitute COSC 351: Object-Oriented Programming, a course in the Java programming language.

Content Tracks (15 credits)

Choose one of the following tracks:


  • Level Design (COSC 370) 
  • 3D Art and Production (COSC 410) 
  • Advanced 3D Art and Production (COSC 420)
  • Game Development Project I (COSC 469) 
  • Game Development Project II (COSC 470) 


  • Object-Oriented Programming (COSC 351)
  • Level Design (COSC 370) 
  • Design of Multiplayer Games (COSC 418) 
  • Game Development Project I (COSC 469) 
  • Game Development Project II (COSC 470) 

General Electives

  • First Year Seminar: Introduction to University Learning (IDIS 101)
    freshmen only; transfer students replace this with a different elective

Complete as many courses as necessary from any discipline to fulfill your 120-credit requirement to graduate.

Information Literacy Requirement

Meet the UB Information Literacy graduation requirement by successfully completing one of the following:

  • Introduction to Information Literacy (INFO 110)
  • Designing for Humans (COSC 324)

Information for Transfer Students

If you have not completed an articulated program at one of the state's community colleges, you must meet the University's general requirements for transfer and satisfy the following course requirements:

  • a college-level course in multimedia authoring or production (COSC 150: Introduction to Game Design)
  • a college-level course in standard publishing technologies for the World Wide Web, such as HTML/CSS (COSC 155: Internet Technologies: Mastering the Basics)
  • a college-level course in 2-D graphics or digital imaging (COSC 160: Graphics for Game Design)
  • a college-level course in scripting for interaction design (COSC 250 Game Scripting)
  • a college-level course in 3-D modeling and/or animation (COSC 260: Introduction to 3-D Graphics).

All of these prerequisite requirements can be met by courses at the University of Baltimore but are not offered at the Universities at Shady Grove. If you are applying to the program at USG, you must have a minimum of 56 transferable credits and you must satisfy these prerequisites before enrolling in UB classes.

as of fall 2017