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Yale Gordon College of Arts and Sciences

JPLA Course Descriptions

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  • JPLA 200 Introduction to Jurisprudence (3)

    Introduces students to jurisprudence by exploring a number of fundamental questions related to law and its role in our personal, social and political lives. Covers both historical and contemporary accounts of the nature of law, the relationship between law and morality, and legal reasoning. Emphasis is on development of students' critical-thinking and written and oral communication skills.

  • JPLA 300 Legal Analysis (3)

    Focuses on research, analysis and writing about the law. Develops or further develops students' legal research skills, as well as provides practice with analyzing sources of law and using them to answer legal questions. prerequisite: JPLA 200

  • JPLA 400 Topics (3)

    Varying course offering addressing a jurisprudence topic or cross-listing a graduate course of interest to jurisprudence majors. Course may be repeated for credit when topic changes. prerequisite: permission of the program director
  • JPLA 496 Internship (3)

    Working at an organization, government entity or business that provides an experience relevant to the study of jurisprudence. Students select an appropriate site and develop a plan for the internship in consultation with the program director. prerequisite: permission of the program director
  • JPLA 498 Capstone Project (3)

    Serves as the culmination of the student's program of study in jurisprudence and is required for all jurisprudence majors. Students consult with the instructor or another faculty member with relevant expertise to develop a mutually agreed-upon capstone project that demonstrates the student's understanding of jurisprudence. prerequisite: permission of the program director and completion of all other required courses in the major