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Yale Gordon College of Arts and Sciences

WRIT Course Descriptions

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  • WRIT 100 Reading & Writing Processes for College Composition (3)

    Corequisite study with WRIT 101 to help students use reading, writing, discussion and research for discovery, intellectual curiosity and personal academic growth. Students work in collaborative groups to share, critique and revise their reading and writing. They compose a variety of documents for a range of academic audiences; develop a metacognitive understanding of their reading, writing and thinking processes; and improve their college-level reading and writing skills as they learn to adopt and adapt recursive writing processes. prerequisite: directed self placement

  • WRIT 101 College Composition (3)

    Helps students develop fluency in writing clear, forceful, effective prose and acquire the college-level reasoning, reading and writing skills that they will find necessary for success in other college courses. prerequisite: adequate score on placement test or completion of designated developmental writing courses with a grade of C- or higher 

  • WRIT 200 Practicum in Writing (3)

    Designed to increase the student’s mastery of the word, the sentence, and the paragraph. Emphasis is given to correctness and appropriateness in the choice of words, sentence structures, and modes of paragraph development. Models for expository writing will be drawn from a variety of contemporary materials. May not be counted towards the requirement of the major. Grading: pass/fail.

  • WRIT 300 Composition and Research (3)

    Builds on skills developed in WRIT 101, focusing on research, analysis, reflection and writing about the kinds of documents produced in academic and professional disciplines. Students produce a range of documents, such as informal reading responses, rhetorical analyses and an extended research project for inclusion in a course portfolio. Emphasizes a process approach to writing projects. prerequisite: successful completion of WRIT 101 or its equivalent, a qualifying score on the writing placement exam or successful completion of WRIT 200