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University Writing Program 

Writing That Works (coming soon)

UB's online writing guide is written by UB faculty for UB students as a resource to all course-related writing tasks. It contains useful information about the writing process, critical reading, editing and conducting research. It also has sample writing assignments, rubrics and other materials.

The University Writing Program (UWP) promotes a campus-wide culture of writing, supporting excellence in writing to help you achieve success in academic, professional and civic spheres. Because writing is a tool for learning, the UWP supports students in both composition (WRIT) courses and other writing-focused courses. 

Undergraduate Writing Program Course Sequence

The lower division writing requirement can be fulfilled by a 3-credit (WRIT 101) or 6-credit (WRIT 100 + WRIT 101) option. Students select their courses using Directed Self Placement. Course learning outcomes are demonstrated in an end-of-semester portfolio. 

WRIT 101 College Composition provides instruction and practice in the flexible writing skills that prepare you to write and think in your undergraduate classes.

WRIT 100 Reading and Writing Processes for College Composition provides small-class support for WRIT 101 students; you take WRIT 101 and WRIT 100 at the same time, and get the benefit of more time with your instructor and peers to improve your writing.

The upper-division writing requirement begins with the Upper-Division Writing Placement Test: Students take a timed writing test to determine their readiness to succeed with the demands of upper-division writing in the disciplines. Students who need additional support take WRIT 200. Every student takes WRIT 300.

WRIT 200 Practicum in Writing gives students small-class instruction to get them ready for WRIT 300.

WRIT 300 Composition and Research provides instruction and practice in the writing and research skills required for courses in your major (upper-division). 

The University Writing Program serves the entire University of Baltimore campus. The UWP is housed in the Klein Family School of Communications Design.

Contact Information:

Terese Thonus
professor, Klein Family School of Communications Design
director, University Writing Program