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For Faculty

The University Writing Program takes a process-based, rhetorical approach in WRIT courses. UB students in WRIT 101, WRIT 200, and WRIT 300 develop authentic writing skills by attending to the rhetorical situation, analyzing audience, purpose, and context to compose in a variety of genres.

These same skills serve students when they are writing in their other courses, whether general education courses, electives, or in their major. The UWP works to incorporate the elements of a Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) approach to writing; in WAC, students receive support for their writing from the instructors in non-writing courses.

All classes are writing classes. Faculty can continue to build students' writing and rhetorical skills by providing formative feedback on student writing and by building on students discipline-based writing skills. Students will benefit the most from attention to writing at all levels, in all courses.

To build this faculty mastery of WAC, the UWP conducts professional development workshops each year as part of the Writing Across UB series.

February 2015 - Fostering Improved Writing Through Feedback

  • prioritizing your feedback for the highest impact
  • integrating effective feedback as part of the writing/learning process
  • incorporating iterative feedback to support improved writing strategies
  • HOCs and LOCs: higher order concerns vs. lower/later order concerns
  • reviewing drafts as a learning activity
  • assessments
  • feedback log
  • revision plans
  • holding students accountable for improving their drafts
  • readerly comments and rubrics and everything in between
  • feedback as a mechanism of revision
  • feedback as representation of your values

February 2014 - Writing to Learn

  • low stakes reading
  • assigning more writing without increasing your paperload
  • fostering effective writing habits
  • sequencing
  • morphing
  • structuring feedback
  • encouraging self-evaluation
  • getting the most out of peer-guided feedback

UWP administrators and faculty also participate in The Bank of America Center for Excellence in Learning, Teaching, and Technology's (CELTT) annual Teaching and Learning Day.

To learn more about Writing Across the Curriculum, visit the WAC Clearinghouse at Colorado State University, a rich archive of WAC materials, including publications, syllabi, writing assignments, and advice from WAC instructors in the humanities, sciences, and business.