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Public meets private meets nonprofit. Discuss.

The University of Baltimore's Henry A. Rosenberg Dialogue Series stimulates interactions among the public, private and nonprofit sectors on leading issues.

More a dialogue than a traditional lecture, each series session brings participants together to present a central issue, discuss the participants' assessments of it and explore how public-private and nonprofit partnerships can work together to resolve, advance or otherwise better the central issue.

Members of the business, nonprofit and academic communities—in addition to UB students, faculty, staff and alumni—are invited to participate in the forums that are always free and open to the public. Our goal is to facilitate networking and to encourage ideas that participants will then develop and implement.

Coordinated and led by Alan Lyles, Henry A. Rosenberg Professor of Government, Business and Nonprofit Partnerships, sessions include about half an hour for each panelist's presentation, followed by about half an hour for questions and answers.

Upcoming dialogues:
November 15 - Developing Performance Management Systems for Public-Private Partnerships: With Application to Development and Housing Projects

Topics we've explored in the past include:

  • The Promise and Challenges of Redevelopment in a Weak Market Neighborhood
  • Social Entrepreneurs, Public-Private Partnerships and Community Development
  • Weight and Wellness: Obesity From Public Policy Perspectives
  • The Cultural and Economic Contribution of the Arts: A Focus on Cinema and Performing Arts
  • Addressing Employment Through Job Creation
  • The Digital Divide: Growing or Going Away
  • Combating Bioterrorism at the Local Level
  • Revitalizing Baltimore City Housing and Communities
  • Addressing the Obesity Crisis
  • Lessons Learned and the Future of Private Management of Public Schools