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Elizabeth Gammon

assistant professor
School of Health and Human Services

Contact Information:

Phone: 410.837.5860

Ph.D., University of Texas School of Public Health, Houston
CPA Certification, University of Texas, San Antonio
M.A., University of Houston
B.A., Texas A&M University

My research interests include activity based costing, research integrity, and the cost of research misconduct in public-funded medical research. I enjoy being at the intersection of health care management and finance in both the academic and practice worlds and sharing that knowledge with students. 

My professional experience in health care administration and finance was honed during 16 years of service at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. During five years as Director of Financial Resources Assessment and Planning there, I directed the institution’s $700 million annual budget development, implementation, and reporting/monitoring functions. Seeking more operations experience, I transitioned into administration, where I was Division Administrator for the Division of Cancer Prevention and Population Sciences for another ten years.  In that position, I was responsible for planning, directing, and implementing the financial, personnel, research and operational activities of the Division, which grew from 30 to over 400 faculty and staff during this period. 

While a health care management practitioner, I taught health care finance and administration in the Texas Woman’s University, Master of Health Care Administration program.  The classroom experience encouraged me to pursue my doctorate in public health, focusing on health care management and policy.  After graduating in 2009, I left the purely practitioner world to join the academic world as Assistant Professor in the Division of Management, Policy and Community Health at the University of Texas School of Public Health before coming to the University of Baltimore.