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Renita L. SeabrookRenita L. Seabrook

associate professor
School of Criminal Justice

Additional Roles:

director, B.A. in Nonprofit Management and Community Leadership program

Contact Information:

Phone: 410.837.6079

M.A., Ph.D., Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Newark
B.A., Purdue University
Renita L. Seabrook's C.V. (.pdf)

In the News

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For more than 10 years, I was employed by several state governmental agencies in New Jersey and Georgia. In New Jersey, I worked as a research assistant for the Administrative Office of the Courts, New Jersey Intensive Supervision Program, and in Georgia, I worked as a program development consultant for the Georgia Department of Corrections and a research coordinator/instructor for the Georgia State Board of Pardons and Paroles.

My academic and applied experience covers several substantive areas of criminal justice, offender rehabilitation, probation/parole, program evaluation and criminological theory, with a special interest in cognitive behavioral theory. I am a certified instructor in several cognitive skills and cognitive restructuring programs such as Reasoning and Rehabilitation, Aggression Replacement Therapy, Thinking for a Change, Prime for Life and Moral Reconation Therapy.

I serve on the editorial board for the Journal of Prisoners on Prisons, and was named one of the The Daily Record's 2015 Top 100 Women as well as a 2014 Community Fellow by the Open Society Institute (OSI)-Baltimore.

As part of my fellowship with OSI-Baltimore, I established Helping Others 2 Win (HO2W), an experiential learning environment that affords pre- and post-release adult female offenders the tools they need to succeed. The HO2W program provides educational sessions, employment seminars and training workshops that help this underserved population to become productive citizens and successfully integrate back into their families and communities. HO2W is an extension of Alternative Directions Inc., a Baltimore nonprofit that I’ve worked with since 2013 that helps men and women in prison and those leaving prison, become independent, responsible citizens.

Selected publications:

  • (2016) Seabrook, R. L. & Wyatt-Nichol, H.  The ugly side of America: Institutional oppression and race.  Journal of Public Management & Social Policy, 23(1), Article 3.
    (2015) Seabrook, R., & Wyatt-Nichol, H.   “Marginalization and hope: Personal narratives of previously incarcerated mothers.” In J. C. Minaker & B. Hogeveen (Eds.), Criminalizing Mothers: Criminalizing Motherhood (pp. 355-372). Bradford: Demeter Press.
  • (2014) Naylor, L. A., Gerlowski, D. A., & Seabrook, R. L. "US higher education: Transition & turbulence in the new model." Journal of Development & Leadership, 3(2), 95-110.
  • (2013) Van Voorhis, P., Spiropoulos, G., Neal-Ritchie, P., Seabrook, R., & Spruance, L. "Identifying areas of specific responsivity in cognitive-behavioral treatment outcomes." Criminal Justice & Behavior, 40(11), 1250-1279.
  • (2010) Seabrook, R. & Brockett, R. "Women prisoners: Their Needs." In R. Muraskin (Ed.), Key Correctional Issues (2nd Edition). Prentice Hall.

Recent grants:

  • (2016) Seabrook, R. L. (Co-Principal) & Brenner, J. (Co-Principal).  University of Baltimore Foundation, University Fund for Excellence Grant, “UBelong: Pathway 2 College Program” for the Helping Others 2 Win Program, $5,700.
    (2015) Seabrook, R. L. (Principal). University of Baltimore Foundation, University Fund for Excellence Grant, "Helping Others 2 Win”, $24,212.
  • (2015) Seabrook, R. L. (Principal).  University of Baltimore, Office of the Provost/Sponsored Research and Faculty Development, Baltimore Renaissance Scholars Seed Fund, “Helping Others 2 Win”, $5,000.