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Not only do our faculty publish regularly in peer-reviewed journals and other publications, but many of them serve as editors or editorial review board members. Here is a list of faculty members who currently serve in these important roles:


  • Journal of Health and Human Services Administration | Aaron Wachhaus
  • Public Administration Quarterly | Aaron Wachhaus

Associate Editor

  • American Journal of Evaluation | George Julnes
  • American Society of Criminology’s Division on Women and Crime | Tara Richards
  • Journal of Public Management & Social Policy | Kelechi N. Uzochukwu
  • African Social Science Review | Kelechi N. Uzochukwu

Editorial Review Board Member

  • African Journal of Criminology and Justice Studies | Jeffrey Ian Ross
  • American Journal of Criminal Justice Editorial Board | Tara Richards
  • Annual Editions, Criminal Justice | Jeffrey Ian Ross
  • Critical Criminology: An International Journal | Jeffrey Ian Ross
  • Drug, Healthcare and Patient Safety | Alan Lyles
  • Evaluation and Program Planning | George Julnes
  • Generics & Biosimilars Initiative Journal | Alan Lyles
  • Integrated Pharmacy Research and Practice | Alan Lyles
  • International Review of Public Administration | George Julnes
  • International Review of Public Administration | Heather Wyatt-Nichol
  • Journal of Criminal Justice Education | Tara Richards
  • Journal of Prisoners on Prisons | Jeffrey Ian Ross
  • Journal of Prisoners on Prisons | Renita Seabrook
  • Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory | Jessica Sowa
  • Journal of Public Affairs Education | Jessica Sowa
  • Journal of Transportation Security | Jeffrey Ian Ross
  • New Directions in Evaluation | George Julnes
  • Public Performance and Management Review | Jessica Sowa
  • Public Personnel Management | Jessica Sowa
  • Public Voices | Heather Wyatt-Nichol
  • Radical Criminology | Jeffrey Ian Ross
  • Review of Public Personnel Administration | Jessica Sowa
  • Street Art & Urban Creativity | Jeffrey Ian Ross
  • The Prison Journal | Jeffrey Ian Ross
  • Topics in Pain Management | Alan Lyles
  • Women and Criminal Justice Editorial Board | Tara Richards