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Assurance of Learning: M.S. in Health Systems Management

Mission Statement: The Master of Science in Health Systems Management program furthers the professional skills of current and future senior health system managers in the efficient and effective management of local, state and national health-care organizations. Graduates of the program are able to identify, analyze and formulate solutions to the critical problems that affect the provision of efficient, effective and equitable health-care services by health-care providers.

Program-Level Student Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the M.S. in Health Systems Management program:

  1. Students are able apply the quantitative methods and skills appropriate to the health systems management field.

  2. Students are able to demonstrate basic applied research skills that relate to health systems management problems.

  3. Students are able to recognize critical ethical problems encountered in the health systems management field.

  4. Students are able to evaluate the complex structure of health systems organizations to recommend business solutions to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

  5. Students are able to analyze the financing of health systems programs and organizations.

  6. Students are able to communicate clearly and concisely both orally and in writing.