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Trauma-informed professionals lead to trauma informed organizations.

The rates of trauma and post-traumatic stress disorders are high among individuals involved in the criminal justice system. An understanding of trauma and its impact, as well as the principles of trauma informed practice, are key for today’s criminal justice professionals.

What does it mean to be trauma-informed?

Being trauma-informed generally means being sensitive to the impact that trauma may have on a person. A trauma-informed criminal justice professional can increase his or her own safety as well as the safety of the individual they are interacting with in the system, and reduce that individual’s risk for re-traumatization by the system.

The University of Baltimore’s new Trauma-Informed Certificate is the only certificate program of its kind designed specifically for criminal justice professionals. This post-baccalaureate certificate is ideal for you if you currently work or plan to work in the criminal justice field.

At the completion of this 12-credit program, you will:

  • understand the foundations and manifestations of trauma
  • understand the impact of trauma within criminal justice organizations
  • have the skills and tools necessary to address the consequences of trauma and make appropriate referrals for treatment services.

Classes are offered evenings and weekends, and some courses may be offered online.

Gainful employment information  is provided to help you make an informed decision about this certificate program related to time and resources required to complete the program and possible employment outcomes.