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Earn your degree without ever stepping foot on campus.

Among the best.

Our entirely online M.P.A. program has been ranked 14th in the 30 Best Online Master of Public Administration Degree Programs, according to, andĀ 8th in theĀ  Top 50 Best Value Online MPA Programs of 2016 , according to

One of only 23 NASPAA-accredited online programs in the nation, our online M.P.A. allows you to earn a Master of Public Administration degree from anywhere in the world, without ever stepping foot on campus.

It offers the same rigorous educational quality as do our onsite courses and on the same academic schedule, but with the convenience of being able to access classes from home, work or anywhere with an Internet connection.

As with all online degree programs, however, it is not an independent-study program; it's carefully organized to expose you to the most important concepts of public-sector practice while providing you with opportunities for frequent interactions with your professors and fellow students.

Through the online M.P.A., you can specialize only in Public and Nonprofit Management (see the degree requirements).

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