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Assurance of Learning: B.S. in Criminal Justice

Mission Statement: The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice program prepares students to enter criminal justice professions and to advance in professional positions already obtained, and provides the knowledge base needed for success in further academic work in graduate programs and law. Through traditional academic classroom learning, on-line courses, internships, and hands-on analytical projects, we provide students with comprehensive knowledge of criminology, criminal justice, and the analytical skills utilized within the criminal justice professions. Students learn and apply theory to real-world problems.

Program-Level Student Learning Outcomes

Upon graduating from the B.S. in Criminal Justice program:

  1. Students will be able to propose solutions to criminal justice problems based on legal, technological, and other professional resource materials.

  2. Students will be able to describe the criminal justice system and its components.

  3. Students will be able to evaluate analytical methods and criminal justice data.

  4. Students will be able to apply criminal justice theories to contemporary public policy issues.

  5. Students will be able to integrate and apply analytical and technical skills and substantive knowledge to address specific criminal justice problems.

  6. Students will be able to communicate effectively to key stakeholders in both writing and in oral presentations.