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Earn a certificate in crime scene investigation. In one year or less.

Demand is growing nationwide for crime scene investigators, both in security and police fields. But not just any crime scene investigators; these fields require investigators who not only are familiar with the procedures to record and process crime scenes appropriately but who also have the relevant investigative skills.

This 12-credit, four-course undergraduate certificate program for students with a minimum of 60 transferable credits offers you the courses necessary to become a crime scene investigator within the police framework and can be completed in one year or less.

This certificate is ideal if you:

  • have a different undergraduate degree and are interested in changing your career path
  • are currently a crime scene investigator but lack the academic credentials and require continuing education
  • don't have a science degree and are looking for an alternative path to becoming a crime scene investigator.

You'll learn:

  • how to protect and secure a crime scene
  • how to fully document the crime scene using text and photography
  • how to record and collect evidence, maintaining the scientific integrity of the evidence in addition to the legal chain of custody
  • how to present and defend the findings of the investigation within a legal framework, either in courts or in deposition.

You'll work in the University of Baltimore's state-of-the-art Jami R. Grant Forensic Laboratories for instrumental analysis, microscopy and crime scene re-creation, built in conjunction with the Baltimore Police Department to train students and to serve as a reserve crime lab for the city. Your coursework in the lab will allow you to interact with forensic professionals and gain experience with sophisticated equipment.

This certificate is not certified for financial aid eligibility as a stand-alone program; if you apply to and enroll in this program only, financial aid cannot be used.

Gainful employment information is provided to help you make an informed decision about this certificate program related to time and resources required to complete the program and possible employment outcomes.