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Criminal Justice Degree Requirements

  • These requirements apply to students entering this program in fall 2016 and thereafter. Students who enrolled earlier should consult the catalog in effect at the time they enrolled.
  • Read the course descriptions.

General-Education Requirements
(43 credits)

General Education requirements for all new students entering UB in fall 2016 and after.

Criminal Justice Program Requirements 
(42 credits)

  • Introductory Statistics (MATH 115)
  • Criminal Justice (CRJU 200)

Core Courses (15 credits)

  • The Contemporary Criminal Justice System (CRJU 301)
  • Criminal Justice Research Methods (CRJU 302)
  • Criminal Justice Professional Studies (CRJU 304)*
  • Criminological Perspectives (CRJU 306)
  • Advanced Criminal Justice Studies (CRJU 485) prerequisites: CRJU 301, 302, 304,306, and MATH 115

*Students must pass the Upper Division Writing Placement Test prior to enrolling in CRJU 304. This course must be taken within the first 18 credits in the major. Students who earn a B+ or better in WRIT 300 are exempt from taking CRJU 304 and will instead be required to take an additional 3-credit elective.

Area Courses (9 credits)

Law Enforcement
Choose one of the following:

  • Police Administration (CRJU 320)
  • Special Problems in Policing (CRJU 420)

Courts and Law
Choose one of the following:

  • Criminal Law (CRJU 330)
  • Juvenile Justice (CRJU 430)
  • Criminal Courts (CRJU 432)

Choose one of the following:

  • Correctional Perspectives (CRJU 341)
  • Special Problems in Corrections (CRJU 441)
  • Community Corrections (CRJU 442)

Major Electives (12 credits)

Complete four 300- or 400-level CRJU courses, and you may select from among the Area Courses you did not complete as requirements. Of these 12 credits, you make take up to 6 credits of 300- or 400-level FSCS courses. If you have not worked in the field and you have not previously taken a criminal justice internship, you must complete CRJU 490: Criminal Justice Internship as a discipline elective.

General Electives

  • First Year Seminar: Introduction to University Learning (IDIS 101)
    freshmen only; transfer students replace this with a different elective

Complete as many courses as necessary from any discipline to fulfill your 120-credit requirement to graduate.

Information Literacy Requirement

Meet the UB Information Literacy graduation requirement by successfully completing one of the following:

  • Introduction to Information Literacy (INFO 110)
  • Criminal Justice Professional Studies (CRJU 304)

as of fall 2014