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Nonprofit Management and Community Leadership Degree Requirements

  • These requirements apply to students entering this program in fall 2016 and thereafter. Students who enrolled earlier should consult the catalog in effect at the time they enrolled.
  • Read the course descriptions.

General-Education Requirements
(43 credits)

General Education requirements for all new students entering UB in fall 2016 and after.

Nonprofit Management and Community Leadership Program Requirements 
(42 credits)

Core Courses (33 credits)

  • Understanding Community (CSCE 200)
  • Community Studies (CSCE 300)
  • Introduction to Nonprofit Leadership (CSCE 301)
  • Fundamentals of Grant Writing (CSCE 302)
  • Leadership for Social Change (CSCE 306)
  • Social Awareness and Ethical Responsibility 
    (CSCE 311)
  • Community Organizations in a Digital World 
    (CSCE 315)
  • Nonprofit Management (CSCE 400)
    CSCE 301: Introduction to Nonprofit Leadership or the permission of the program director is a prerequisite for CSCE 400.
  • Community Leadership and Decision-Making 
    (CSCE 412)
  • Community Engagement Experience (CSCE 481) *
  • Capstone Seminar (CSCE 482) *

* An original project tied to a 120-hour internship is required during these courses. Through this capstone endeavor, students integrate theory and practice in a project designed in consultation with the program director. These two courses are co-requisites; they must be taken together in the same semester, and they require successful completion of CSCE 301: Introduction to Nonprofit Leadership.

Major Electives (9 credits)

Complete three.

  • Topics in Community Studies (CSCE 297)
  • Economic and Community Development (CSCE 401)
  • Independent Study (CSCE 492)
  • Honors Seminar (CSCE 493)
  • Honors Project, 3-6 credits (CSCE 494)
  • Special Topics in Community Studies and Civic Engagement (CSCE 497)

General Electives

  • First Year Seminar: Introduction to University Learning (IDIS 101)
    freshmen only; transfer students replace this with a different elective

Complete as many courses as necessary from any discipline to fulfill your 120-credit requirement to graduate.

Information Literacy Requirement

Meet the UB Information Literacy graduation requirement by successfully completing one of the following:

  • Introduction to Information Literacy (INFO 110)
  • Introduction to Nonprofit Leadership (CSCE 301)

as of fall 2014