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Our mission

The Yale Gordon College of Arts and Sciences (YGCAS) promotes critical thinking, encourages innovation and discovery, and enriches the intellectual lives of its diverse community of learners. Through interdisciplinary and discipline-based programs in the arts, humanities, and social and natural sciences, the college offers visionary, integrative learning and teaching environments enhanced with rapidly evolving information and communication technologies. Our graduates learn to be reflective, skilled communicators, adept at addressing contemporary problems within an ethical framework and able to adapt to a changing world. Well prepared for the world of work, our students become broadly informed and deeply engaged in local, regional and world communities.

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Liberal arts and general education. Career preparation and interdisciplinary professional studies.

Together, for your success.

An integral part of the University of Baltimore of the future, the College of Arts and Sciences is focused on strengthening and expanding general education and liberal arts courses to enhance your success.

Combining traditional academics with career-oriented training and professional studies that integrate and capitalize on multiple programs, the College of Arts and Sciences prepares you to move up in your current career or launch a new one.

Our academic programs are as diverse as our faculty and students:



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