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Meet the Dean

Chris Spencer

Christine S. Spencer is the dean of the Yale Gordon College of Arts and Sciences. Dean Spencer has been a faculty member at the University of Baltimore since 2007, serving as a professor in the School of Health and Human Services and the School of Public and International Affairs in the College of Public Affairs. Her research expertise is in disparities in quality and access to health care among vulnerable populations, including those with disabilities.

Dean Spencer has written about various aspects of the history of medicine, such as the use of electricity as a cure-all by doctors in the 19th century. She is focused on contemporary issues such as the economics of health care; while she was in graduate school at the Harvard School of Public Health, she served on the research team that developed the physician payment system for Medicare, which is still in use today.

Spencer holds a doctoral degree and a master's degree in health policy and management with a focus on health economics, both from the Harvard School of Public Health. She also earned an A.B. from Bard College.

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