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Yale Gordon College of Arts and Sciences


To request lab time in the User Research Lab for research purposes, please complete the following questions and submit the form. Allow 24-48 hours for processing.

For other questions or concerns, email or call 410.837.1974.

Full name:



If your research project is for a University of Baltimore class, please list which class:

What type of research study are you conducting (Eye tracking, website usability via desktop PC, website usability via mobile device, product usability, etc.)? Please provide a short description.

How many participants are you planning to test with?

How do you plan to recruit participants?

What days and times are you requesting the lab?

Please check the boxes below indicating you have read the following policies:
 Researchers must bring an external storage device with a minimum of 30GB of free space for their research files. 100 GB is suggested for large projects.
 The external storage must be a portable USB drive. Please note: flash drive USB sticks and online cloud storage (such as Google Drive) will not work.
 Researchers must allot time before and after the study for set up and file converting and transferring.
 Test files are deleted from lab equipment after 7 days. Please note: this is heavily enforced.

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