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Kristin ConlinKristin Conlin

reference and instruction librarian
Langsdale Library

Additional Roles:

affiliate professor, Division of Science, Information Arts & Technologies

Contact Information:

Phone: 410.837.4275 

M.S., University of Maryland, College Park 
M.A., George Mason University
B.A., St. Mary's College of Maryland

There are many paths we can take in life. I am a voracious explorer and chose to try several routes before deciding on my current career path.  

I spent the years during and after my degree working at the Center for History and New Media at George Mason University as an assistant editor for several digital history projects. Immersed in history and building access points to that history piqued an interest in constructing accessible digital content.  

During my education at College Park, I worked in the Resource Sharing & Access Services Department reconstructing, creating and maintaining digital content for the department. All while learning through a formal educational avenue how librarianship creates paths to information through the education of users and tools that reveal that information.   

Simultaneous to these educational pursuits, I maintained a head coaching position at St. Mary's College of Maryland. On the picturesque, but sometimes temperamental St. Mary's River, I taught athletes how to participate in a sport that demands dedication, precision and sleep deprivation. Every morning, most of the season in the dark, I coached rowers and coxswains through a new language, bodily awareness and synchronized movement.  

In all of these pursuits, the common thread was making information accessible (be it historical documents, library resources or proper rowing form). I embrace the vision of our department to build information literacy among UB students, and show those students how that literacy is empowering and relevant.