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University of Baltimore graduate school student, Susan Tatterson: M.F.A. in Integrated Design master's degree

Combined with my previous photographic studies in Australia, the M.F.A. program provided me the knowledge and skills to produce work for print, Web, video and any combination of these media. And of course, my degree allows me to teach at many levels. The completion of my thesis, upon which I’m continuing to expand, culminated in an exhibition at the UB Student Center Gallery and was the highlight of the program.
—Susan Tatterson, B.S. ’06, M.F.A. ’08


As a designer in the 21st century, you must be fluent in the language and concepts of multiple media—not only print, but also motion/video and Web-based technologies.

This 60-credit Master of Fine Arts program offers an integration of print, video and digital media design like no other in the country.

  • You'll develop problem-solving skills for conceptualizing design solutions to communications problems, design skills that make those solutions effective and production skills that allow you to realize those solutions.
  • You'll earn the academic credential most sought after by colleges and universities hiring design faculty.
  • You'll study with some of the region's top designers, who are our part-time faculty. Our flexible approach to course content attracts teachers who enjoy creative freedom. In turn, these talented professionals attract students who are serious about learning design from the best instructors.
  • When you graduate, you'll join a network of alumni who are employed as art directors, senior magazine designers, directors of publications for museums, senior designers in design firms and university professors.

Put theory into practice:
The Klein Family School of Communications Design employs students to manage its  Digital Design Studio  (DDS), a state-of-the-art lab focused on design in all media and formats. DDS assistants get paid (student assistants) or receive tuition remission and a stipend (graduate assistants) while gaining invaluable technical experience. Learn more about working as a  Digital Design Studio Assistant .

Classes are offered evenings, and some courses are offered in the summer for continuing students.