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Yale Gordon College of Arts and Sciences

Course Descriptions

DESN Course Descriptions

Other available courses are listed under Publications Design (PBDS) and Creative Writing & Publishing Arts (CWPA) .

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  • DESN 615 Integrated Design Studio I: Principles (3)
    An Intensive studio experience addressing visual perception and the principles of design through readings on visual theory. Using primary texts, students will explore design principles from key historic, psychological, abstract and artistic points of view. Students will complete a major project in their area of specialization. Lab fee required.
  • DESN 616 Integrated Design Studio II: Typography (3)
    An intensive, multilayered studio focused on the study of typography at the micro level. Students discuss both classical and contemporary typographic principles based on class and individual reading and research. Students render a typeface design over the course of the semester. Lab fee required. prerequisite: PBDS 645 or equivalent
  • DESN 617 Creative Concepts (3)
    Exploration of creative processes and strategies for generating effective visual and verbal ideas. Analysis of creative solutions in various publications supplements practice in applying problem-solving techniques. Lab fee may be required.
  • DESN 723 Theory of Visual Communication (3)
    Examines the fundamental characteristics that differentiate visual images from other modes of communication and considers ways that visual elements convey meaning in isolation and in combination. Students study real-world cases to better understand how theoretical concepts and constructs are used to solve communication problems.
  • DESN 791 Practicum in Integrated Design (3)
    Students apply skills and knowledge from coursework to high-level internships: Students interested in careers as professional designers will work in design firms and related organizations; students interested in college teaching careers will teach classes under faculty supervision. Eligible for continuing studies (CS) grade. prerequisite: permission of program director and all M.F.A. in Integrated Design coursework except DESN 793 and DESN 797
  • DESN 793 Proseminar in Integrated Design (3)
    Provides an overview of proposal development and design research in integrated design anchored in the literature and practice of the field. Students will develop the requisite skills for bringing the proposal to completion. The course culminates in a research proposal that may be presented to the division as a thesis proposal. prerequisite: M.F.A. candidacy and permission of program director
  • DESN 797 Integrated Design Thesis (6)
    Independent and original design project supervised by one or more faculty members. Product reflects an understanding of graphic design principles and demonstrate excellence in conceptualizing and executing design solutions to communication problems. Finished work is reviewed by a faculty committee. Pass/fail grading. Eligible for continuing studies (CS) grade. Lab fee required. prerequisite: all other M.F.A. in Integrated Design coursework and program director's approval of the thesis topic prior to registration
  • DESN 798 Continuous Enrollment (1)

    Provides continuing faculty direction, academic support services and enrollment services for students who have completed all course requirements for the degree but have not completed a thesis or final project. Students continue the independent work leading to finishing the thesis or final project that is significantly under way. Course may be repeated for credit as needed. Eligible for continuing studies (CS) grade; otherwise grading is pass/fail. Lab fee required. prerequisite: completion of all course requirements and candidacy for the degree program