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Interdisciplinary Studies Degree Requirements

  • These requirements apply to students entering this program in fall 2014 and thereafter. Students who enrolled earlier should consult the catalog in effect at the time they enrolled.
  • Read the course descriptions.

General-Education Requirements (43 credits)

General-education requirements for:

  • all students who entered UB prior to fall 2013
  • any student who entered UB with 24 or more credits before fall 2014

General-education requirements for:

  • all new freshmen (fewer than 24 college credits) who entered UB in fall 2013 and after
  • all new students entering UB in fall 2014 and after

Interdisciplinary Studies Program Requirements (42 credits)

  • IDIS 201 Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies (3 credits)
    In this required course, you'll develop a program plan that becomes the foundation for creating a unified and cohesive course of study throughout the Interdisciplinary Studies major. This program plan then becomes the platform for developing a final capstone learning portfolio as part of the coursework for IDIS 497 Interdisciplinary Studies Portfolio.
  • Concentration Areas (36 credits)
    You are encouraged to put together a thoughtful sequence of courses in each discipline that reflects the development and continuity of certain themes, methods or schools of thought.
  1. Choose three concentration areas from among all majors and minors offered at the University of Baltimore.
  2. Take four (minimum 12 credits) courses at the 300-level or above in each of your three chosen specialization areas. Make sure you take lower-level prerequisites for any of these courses in your first two years.
  • IDIS 497 Interdisciplinary Studies Portfolio (3 credits)
    In the program's capstone course, you will integrate your program plan, designed in IDIS 201 Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies, with your concentration areas to complete a learning portfolio.

General Electives

Complete as many courses as necessary from any discipline to fulfill your 120-credit requirement to graduate. Use these electives to fulfill all introductory requirements in the disciplines chosen for areas of individualized study in your planned interdisciplinary studies program.

Information Literacy Requirement 

Meet the UB Information Literacy graduation requirement by successfully completing INFO 110 Introduction to Information Literacy.