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Our Students: A Profile

    • Attendance: A little over half of our students attend full time (12 credits/semester). Since a significant amount of our population is also part-time, the timeline to graduation greatly varies amongst students.

    • Hometowns: A large percentage of students are in state from the local Baltimore area.

    • Age: The age of students range from approximately 18 (after completion of some college level work) to 67. The median age is approximately 28.

    • Diversity: Undergraduate psychology students are predominately female (about 78 percent), and about 56 percent are minorities, primarily African American.

    • Experience: Most students in our program are transfers from Maryland community colleges having completed some college level work or have earned their associate’s degree.

Hear from psychology Alumni

terrence pope

"The thing that makes the University of Baltimore an excellent school is not that it’s easy or that it’s fun, it’s that the faculty will champion you when you succeed and will help you work through your defeats. The people at UB helped me shape my future by creating the kinds of academic and professional opportunities that I may have never received elsewhere. I traveled to conferences, participated in research competitions, gave talks, participated in professional development activities, formed collaborative relationships with students and faculty from different disciplines, thought about philosophy while eating pizza, and began work on the kind of research that is published in scientific journals—and that does not even represent the breadth of experiences others will have here.

Since graduating from UB, I have moved to Denver, Colorado to pursue my Ph.D. in Affective & Social Psychology. My work includes theory building in the areas of social processes, nonverbal behavior, emotion, and cultural cognition as well as research into applied topics dealing with the affective and academic outcomes of racial minorities at universities. My goal is to become a professor someday and continue to do research while challenging the next generation of thinkers to see the world with new eyes, which incidentally was a path I set down because of the people at UB."

-Terrence Pope, B.A. '16

Sherita"I began my journey at UB because of the variety of class times. The class schedule allowed me the flexibility to balance work and academic goals. It was tough in the beginning trying to balance these challenges but the faculty in the psychology department were excellent and supportive of the students. I was able to create a bond with several of the faculty members where they shared their experiences with me to help me push forward in my academic goals. Professors in the psychology department encouraged me to apply for graduate school when I did not see the potential in myself. I could not imagine attending any other university. The small class sizes created a family environment for success where faculty cared about your achievements. I accepted a graduate school offer and will be furthering my education in educational psychology. This would not have occurred without the support of the psychology department faculty members."

-Sherita Jamison, B.A. '16


"As an African American male growing up in Somerset Projects in East Baltimore, the school to prison pipeline was a reality for me and many of my neighbors. By grace, I was able to enroll and graduate from community college, and then I transferred to UB. While at UB, I learned the importance of professionalism and research. However, I truly believe that the measurement of teaching at any university is the attitude and cultural understanding of professors who are entrusted to ensure students get what they came to get.

I got an academic foundation at UB. I got to go to classes that were work-friendly. I got to speak with professors off the record. I got to use computers during hours unheard of all in the name of getting academic papers done. I got to learn about why humans do what they do and that independent and dependent variables do matter. Most of all, the professors there wanted me to understand the concepts associated with the discipline. In short, professors at UB weren't stuck on themselves or their degrees, but on making sure I was equipped to help others in real-life situations.

I did not go to college for the experience, nor to see if I could do it. I went to break a generational curse that seemed to be attached to African American males growing up in urban America. I have obtained my bachelor's degree in psychology from UB and my master's degree in social work from Morgan State University, and am now able to assist thousands of children, youth, and families. Well done, UB."

-Antonio Thompson, B.A. '13
 employer: Chesapeake Treatment Center, Parkville, MD


"I came to UB as an older student not knowing what to expect, and wondering if I would fit in with the other students. From my first day, I was impressed with how attentive my professors were, and the diversity of UB’s student body made me feel very comfortable. I attribute my academic success to my supportive professors and peers who both encouraged and inspired me.

I currently work for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Chesapeake as a match support specialist. Working with the children, parents, and the mentors is a very rewarding job that comes with amazing opportunities. As the case manager working with the matches I handle the safety of the match, healthy development of the youth in the program, and planning activities to solidify the match relationship. Thanks to my experience at UB I am now on a path to success to achieving my professional goals and personal satisfaction."

-Lisa Cheeseboro, B.A. '14
 employer: Big Brothers Big Sisters


"After raising two children, I decided to complete my undergraduate degree and quickly realized that UB's psychology program was the perfect fit for me. Having worked in HIV research administration for ten years, I wanted to be the one providing direct support to people with HIV and AIDS and helping individuals and caregivers access the services they needed to live their best lives. The faculty at UB encouraged me to focus my undergraduate work on HIV, including my academic papers, my Senior Capstone Project, and even my volunteer work with at-risk populations at a mission in Nigeria.

The leadership, faculty and my student colleagues at UB were always professional, supportive and challenging. The UB experience is part and parcel of the life that I have built – post-children and post-undergraduate. My UB Capstone led me to develop an HIV linkage to care workshop for the AIDS Education Month Prevention Summit in Philadelphia and will likely serve as the basis for my master’s thesis at LaSalle University where I am currently enrolled. Quite simply, I would not be where I am today without my UB psychology degree: an M.P.H. candidate working on the largest HIV cure clinical trial to date. Thank you, UB!"

-Beth Peterson, B.A. '13
 employer: The Wistar Institute 


"I would implore anyone who has a moderate interest in human behavior to at least take an introductory course in psychology. As soon as I found out that I could apply what I learned in my psychology courses to help me understand and explain human behavior, I could not wait to learn more. My interest in psychology grew with every class I took at UB. The psychology department is comprised of some truly wonderful people. They are professors, yes, but they are also working professionals who practice what they teach, and if you get to know any one of them on a more personal level, you will understand that they truly want to see you learn in the classroom, grow as an individual, and succeed in life after graduation.

If there is any advice that I could give future students, I would tell them to become as involved as possible. Get to know your peers as well as your professors. UB is unique in that the psychology department is small enough where everyone can get to know you by name, yet there are many opportunities for students to become involved with faculty research projects. This is a great way to improve a resume and to build a relationship with a professor who can write you a letter of recommendation in the future."

-Ben Cantales, B.A. '13


"In my four short years at UB I was able to achieve so much because of the guidance and support I received from my professors. While at UB, I worked as a research assistant with Dr. Eyssell, assisting her with research on Terror Management Theory, and with Dr. Farley, supporting her research on health priming. I was inducted into UB’s chapter of Psi Chi and served as the honor society’s president during my senior year. Being a member of Psi Chi allowed me to attend psychology conferences and plan fun campus activities.

For my senior project I interned at Key Point Health Services Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program where I got to work with clients with mental illness, and my capstone project focused on mental illness, stigma, and its effects on socialization. Before graduation, I was presented with UB’s Outstanding Student in Psychology Award.

Although I switched careers from psychology to nursing, I use concepts of psychology in my everyday work life. As a nurse in a Baltimore emergency department, I see patients with all types of mental illness and cognitive and behavioral differences. My background in psychology allows me to serve many different populations and use my knowledge of how people interact to safely manage care, educate patients, find community resources, and avoid stigma of disease."

-Elysa Amoroso, B.A. '12, BSN, RN
 employer: University of Maryland Medical Center