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College of Public Affairs

Food for Thought helps freshmen, sophomores make a major decision.


University-wide open house invites freshmen and undeclared sophomores to explore their options for majors and minors at UB.

The College of Public Affairs, together with the College of Arts and Sciences and the Merrick School of Business, will host its third annual Food for Thought open house, Oct. 22-23.

The program invites all freshmen and undeclared sophomores to gather information about available majors and minors at UB to help them make an informed decision about the academic area of study in which they'll immerse themselves for next three or four years. Academic advisers, program directors and other support staff are on hand to answer questions and converse with students about career options and other considerations. Students can pick up a free slice (or three) of pizza while they browse the majors.

More information will be provided in Freshman Seminar classes.

Tuesday, Oct. 22, and Wednesday, Oct. 23
12:30-1:30 p.m.
Hilda and Michael Bogomolny Room
UB Student Center, fifth floor