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Doctor of Public Administration Degree Requirements

  • These requirements apply to students entering this program in fall 2016 and thereafter. Students who enrolled earlier should consult the catalog in effect at the time they enrolled.
  • Read the course descriptions.
  • Prerequisite: The program director may conclude that you must complete master's-level coursework in some areas before moving on to doctoral-level study.

This 48-credit program requires:

Core Courses (21 credits)

  • Foundations of Public Administration (PUAD 810)
  • Strategic Management in the Public Sector (PUAD 811)
  • Seminar in Doctoral Research (PUAD 813)
  • Seminar in Policy Making and Implementation (PUAD 814)
  • Public-Sector Financial Analysis (PUAD 815)
  • Seminar in Program and Policy Evaluation (PUAD 817)
  • Doctoral Seminar in Organizational Theory (PUAD 824)

Advanced Methodology Courses (6 credits)

  • Case Study and Qualitative Methods (PUAD 831)
  • Quantitative Methods (PUAD 832)
    (You can replace this course with another course upon approval of the program director.)

D.P.A. Specializations (9 credits)

Choose three courses in one of the following specialization fields, or create your own specialization with the approval of the program director:

Program Administration

  • Public Administration and Public Finance (PUAD 701)
  • State and Local Personnel Management (PUAD 730)
  • Leadership and Organizational Change (PUAD 732)
  • Administrative Law and Regulation (PUAD 740)
  • Political Economy of Nonprofit Organizations (PUAD 777)
  • Public-Sector Performance Measurement (PUAD 785)
  • Advanced Public-Sector Management and Decision Techniques (PUAD 816)
  • Doctoral Seminar in Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations (PUAD 875)

Program Evaluation

Complete the following required courses:

  • Advanced Seminar in Evaluation: Theories and Techniques (PUAD 834)
  • Practicum in Program Evaluation (PUAD 835)

Choose another course from among the following:

  • Public-Sector Performance Measurement (PUAD 785)
  • Advanced Public-Sector Management and Decision Techniques (PUAD 816)
  • Survey Research (PUAD 830)
  • Economics, Public Policy and Corporate Social Responsibility (ECON 640)

Health-Care Systems Administration

You must first complete the following required course, unless you have completed relevant coursework and/or have relevant professional experience.

  • Health-Care Systems, Organization and Management (PUAD 750)

Then complete the following three required courses:

  • Health Insurance and Prepaid Health Care (HSMG 697)
  • Health Finance (HSMG 699)
  • Policy Issues in Health Care (PUAD 751)

Administration of Justice

  • Contemporary Corrections (CRJU 611)
  • Managing Police Organizations (CRJU 640)
  • Managing Correctional Organizations (CRJU 642)
  • Seminar in Criminal Justice (CRJU 703)
  • Criminal Justice Planning/Systems Applications (CRJU 711)
  • Seminar in Judicial Administration (CRJU 713)

Dissertation Research (12 credits)

Before enrolling in this course, you must complete all 36 credits of coursework listed above.

To fulfill the requirements of this course, you will prepare and successfully defend before a dissertation committee a research proposal that includes a well-defined research design. You will then prepare and successfully defend your dissertation before the committee.

  • Dissertation Research, 3-12 credits (PUAD 899)
as of fall 2014