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As a Doctor of Public Administration student, you'll research, write and defend dissertations during the last 12 credits of coursework.

The following is a list of published doctoral dissertations from the last five years:

  • Weaver, John [December 2013]
    Variables of Change: The DOD/DHS Relationship in a Domestic Disaster Environment
    Langsdale |
  • Bryan, Julia H. [May 2013]
    Use of Performance Measurement Information in a Federal Agency—A Comparative Case Study Analysis
    Langsdale |
  • Nolan, Andrew J. [May 2013]
    Local Police Protection Options for Pennsylvania Municipalities: A Quantitative Analysis of Determinants
    Langsdale |
  • Dawalt, Phillip Robert Jr. [December 2012]Examining theories of public-private sector collaboration: Health care for people with disabilities in emergency management
    Langsdale |
  • Dickey, Dexter Allen [May 2012]
    Baltimore City Nonprofit Leadership: An Analysis of the Dynamics of Nonprofit Leadership and Issues of Diversity
    Langsdale | HD62.6 .D551 2012
  • Mestas, Richard Daniel [May 2012]
    Interests of Competing Government and Pinon Canyon, Colorado: A Case Study on Small World Networks and the Encroachment of Military Land on Agricultural Land in Southeast Colorado as a Consequence on Intergovernmental Relationships
    Langsdale | JK421 .M586 2012
  • Seven, Hilmi [May 2012]
    An Analysis of the Effect of Internal Communication Satisfaction on Organizational Commitment in the Turkish National Police (TNP)
    Langsdale | HF5549.5 .J63 S497
  • Uluturk, Bulent [May 2012]
    An Assessment of Law Enforcement Officers' Attitudes Toward Compstat Model of Police Management
    Langsdale | HV7936 .P47 U47 2012
  • Browne, Michelle Nichole Charlene [March 2012]
    Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996: Access and Utilization of Health Care Services Among Children of Black Foreign-born Mothers
    Langsdale | HV741 .B882 2012
  • Eaton, Ivan P. [May 2011]
    The Cultural Proficiency Capacity Building Model for Organizational and Systems Accountability
    Langsdale | JS349 .M3 E14


  • Gabriel, Celia S. [May 2011]Revisiting Population Taxonomy: using a social equity framework to analyze health disparities among obese Black American ethnic subgroups
    Langsdale | RC628 .G117
  • Rojas, Rafael Jr. [May 2011]A Normative Analysis of Police Drug Abuse Testing Policy: Police Perceptions and Policy Reform Strategies
    Langsdale | HV7936 .D78 R741
  • Haynes, Warren Errol [December 2010]
    Social Equity in the Academy: state policy and diversity in higher education
    Langsdale | LC213.22 .M3 H424
  • Juppe, David B. [December 2010]
    Tax and expenditure limitations as a tool of counter cyclical fiscal policy: post-2001 recession fiscal stategies in three states
    Langsdale | HJ2053 .M3 J95
  • Baycan, Cihangir [September 2010] 
    Examining the Work Schedules: Satisfaction of Organizational and Personnel Demands
    Langsdale | HD5111.6 .T9 B356
  • Clark, Len Elisha [March 2010] 
    Implementation of the National Incident Management System in New Jersey
    Langsdale | HV551.4 .N548 C593
  • Johnson, Claudietta B. [March 2010]
    Leadership experiences of child welfare supervisors in the State of Maryland Department of Human Resources
    Langsdale | HV713 .J66
  • Novelli, Dominic Jude [October 2010]
    An Examination of New Jersey’s Procurement Laws and Regulations: analyzing the impact on private sector competition
    Langsdale | JF1525 .P85 N938
  • Poynton, Aaron Sean [March 2010]
    The Duel Over Duality: effects of Federalism on the United States National Guard’s Emergency Response Mission
    Langsdale | UA42 .P892
  • Sharkey, Mimi Alejandra [March 2010]
    Testing theories of performance:measuring effectiveness at the United States Postal Service Office of Inspector General Office of Audit
    Langsdale | HE6499 .S531