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Internships and practica provide you with opportunities to gain work experience related to your academic and career interests before entering the job market.

Note that unless otherwise stated, internships and practica are open only to students in the related program of study.

Learn more about the UB Career Center's internship program.

They can help you get your foot in the door at a particular company or organization, and they offer a leg up in gaining professional experience. Employers often prefer hiring college graduates who have had internship experience, contributing to an organization's productivity in a professional setting. Begin building a solid resume by completing an internship or practicum.

Contact an internship adviser for more information:


  • Criminal Justice:
    Criminal Justice Internship (CRJU 490):
    Edgar F. Koch, 410.837.6083

  • Forensic Studies: 
    Field Internship in Forensic Science (FSCS 487)
    Field Internship in Police Science (FSCS 496)
    Edgar F. Koch, 410.837.6083

  • Government and Public Policy:
    Internship (GVPP 490/491, up to 6 credits):
    John Willis
    , 410.837.6110

  • Health Systems Management:
    Internship (HSMG 492):
    Alan Weisman, 410.837.5294

  • Human Services Administration:
    Internship (HSER 400):
    Tiffaney Parkman
    , 410.837.6127

  • Nonprofit Management and Community Leadership:
    Service Learning (CSCE 481):
    Renita Seabrook, 410.837.6079
    open to students in all undergraduate majors, with the permission of the contact person


  • Criminal Justice:
    Graduate Internship (CRJU 605):
    Heather Pfeifer, 410.837.5292

  • Global Affairs and Human Security:
    Internship/Field Placement Seminar (GAHS 760):
    Ivan Sascha Sheehan, 410.837.5328

  • Human Services Administration:
    Field Practicum I: Human Services Administration (HSAD 695)
    Field Practicum II: Human Services Administration (HSAD 696)
    Research Practicum I: Program Planning, Implementation and Evaluation (HSAD 698)
    Research Practicum II: Program Planning, Implementation and Evaluation (HSAD 699)
    Bridal Pearson, 410.837.5251

  • Health Systems Management:
    Internship (HSMG 752):
    Alan Weisman, 410.837.5294

  • Negotiations and Conflict Management:
    Internship (CNCM 790):
    Ivan Sascha Sheehan, 410.837.5328

  • Public Administration:
    Internship (PUAD 790):
    Heather Wyatt-Nichol, 410.837.6173
    open only to students in the Master of Public Administration program