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Steps For Purchasing Internet Airline Tickets

Follow the steps below to purchase airline tickets for authorized University travel over the Internet.

Step 1:

Send a completed T Number Request Form to Gierra Bailey. Failure to obtain a T number prior to travel will result in you being personally responsible for any cancellation penalties or other costs.


Shop the Internet for the best fares.  Check the major air carriers and/or use only reputable third party discount sites.  Do not participate in auction sites.  Be careful of the “fine print” and note that many tickets are date changeable only with a fee and/or are non-refundable.


It is recommended that you call one of the three University travel agencies and see if they can match or beat the best Internet price that you were able to locate.  Be careful to note any fees or other charges when comparing prices.  The University travel agencies do charge a fee per printed ticket. Many ticket sites also charge fees that may be significant.

Step 4:

If you decide to purchase your tickets over the Internet, do so by charging the ticket on your credit card.


Reimbursement Procedures

Step 1:

Original documents with the supervisor’s signature are required for all expense reimbursements. Send completed forms to Accounts Payable, in room AC 330.

Step 2:

If you wish to be reimbursed for the ticket prior to travel, complete a Travel Expense Reimbursement form (pdf) for reimbursement of the airline ticket only and attach a printed receipt, an itinerary, or other satisfactory proof that the ticket has been purchased.  Forward documents to Accounts Payable , in room AC 330.

Step 3:

Upon completion of your trip, complete a Travel Expense Reimbursement form (pdf) for all reimbursable expenses (hotel, daily per diems, mileage, etc.).  Forward all forms and documentation to Accounts Payable, in AC 330.

Step 4:

The employee is responsible for reimbursing the University for any credits of early reimbursements of airline tickets due to cancelled trips.  All reimbursements should be made to the University via the Office of the Comptroller.

Last Published 11/14/17