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Office of Community Life and the Dean of Students


Office of Community Life and the Dean of Students
Academic Center, Room 112

Monday-Thursday, 9a.m.-6p.m.  
Friday, 9a.m.- 4:30p.m.

We CARE about your success!

Students with Eubie

Our initiatives, services, and programs center around the core values of community, accountability, responsibility and excellence. Lean how participation in our initiatives helps you develop a foundation for success.


The Office of Community Life and the Dean of Students provides UB community members with the knowledge, skills, and support necessary for success. We believe that every individual is capable of outstanding achievement and offer initiatives, services and programs to help you reach your goals. 

The office develops and celebrates personal growth and community engagement through three signature initiatives:

  • Compass: Encourages successful navigation of university life through strong self-advocacy, embracing challenges and the practice of good self-care. We offer support and guidance to anyone with questions or concerns about university procedures or who are facing a personal difficulty.
  • Community Standards: Promotes a safe and supportive university environment where students, faculty and staff feel comfortable interacting and sharing ideas.We foster and develop this environment through the promotion and implementation of student conduct policies and procedures.  
  • UBLiving: Provides opportunities to participate in programs that focus on developing positive habits and strong skills of self-care, personal development, social responsibility and community engagement.We also celebrate success and student achievement through the coordination of the undergraduate and graduate Commencement ceremony.   
Community Life:
C: Community A: Accountability R: Responsibility E: Excellence
Develops UB community members that contribute towards building an engaging, diverse and inclusive community. This community is the foundation for success and achievement. Helps build a community whose members celebrates diversity, while seeking to develop a common understanding of attitudes, behavior and decision making to promotes learning, growth and success.  Encourages UB community members to be active participants, practice conscious decision making and hold high personal standards, while embracing new and challenging experiences. Supports UB community members as they set goals and strive to reach their potential.