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The Office of Government and Public Affairs Advances the University's Interests - 


  • leads the University’s public affairs activities and strategies to support key operational priorities, enabling government compliance and accountability, develop infrastructure, explore opportunities for funding and conduct outreach that enhances the reputation and supports the mission of the University of Baltimore; 
  • manages the University’s connection, reputation and relationships with external organizations, media outlets, and community members serving as the liaison with the public and people affect by or interested in the University’s actions; 
  • guides the University’s response to the demands and interests of governing bodies that have oversight and authority over the University’s affairs and provides advice and guidance to University leadership and departments; and
  • oversees and attends to the University’s involvement in legislative, regulatory and political activity and manages compliance on such matters as administrative policy, public information requests and serving as the University’s Title IX coordinator.

The Office represents the University’s interest to external audiences and continuously seeks opportunities to match the University’s priorities with state and local community needs through partnerships, community outreach programs for employees and students, University events and activities. 

Last Published 3/15/17