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Welcome to the Office of Government and Public Affairs.  

Our office leads the University of Baltimore's priorities, initiatives and activities that connect UB to the interests of external constituencies.

We manage the University's public relations on a wide variety of topics with government entities, media outlets, and community members serving as the liaison to individuals affected by or interested in the University's actions or seeking public information.  

We provide guidance to the UB community on administrative policy and compliance, legislation and related matters impacting the University, and strategies to support key operational priorities, infrastructure development, and opportunities for funding.   

We also serve as the University's Title IX coordinator and respond to public information act requests.  

We continuously seek opportunities to match the University's priorities with state and local community needs through partnerships, the administration of outreach programs for employees and students, and the coordination of University events and activities.  

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See the FAQs or contact us with any questions.  

Last Published 6/27/17