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Get money toward down payment or closing costs simply for buying a home near the University of Baltimore.

The University of Baltimore participates in Baltimore’s Live Near Your Work Program, administered by Baltimore Housing's Homeownership Office. The program was created to stimulate home ownership within the city.

UB offers this benefit program to support the revitalization and stabilization goals of targeted neighboring communities while also supporting the home ownership goals of its employees. The launch of this program is made possible through the generosity of the Abell Foundation.

Program Highlights

UB will match $1,000 per eligible employee participant who is approved to receive a grant through Baltimore’s Live Near Your Work Program. This grant may be used toward down payment or closing costs for the purchase of a home in certain Baltimore neighborhoods.

To receive a grant, interested employees must meet certain eligibility criteria and be approved by Baltimore's Live Near Your Work program. 

UB requires an interested employee to:

  • be a full-time regular faculty or staff member or part-time regular faculty or staff member employed at 50 percent or more
  • purchase a home within an approximate 2-mile radius of UB. (See the identified neighborhoods and map.)
  • complete the requirements of the Baltimore Live Near Your Work Program below.

To be eligible for Baltimore’s Live Near Your Work Program, the employee applicant must:

  • complete the employee section of Baltimore’s Live Near Your Work application
  • obtain verification of UB employment
  • obtain a signed certificate documenting the completion of the Home Ownership Counseling program prior to signing a contract of sale (Home ownership counselors will confirm whether you meet usual criteria for home ownership; see Live Baltimore for a listing of counseling programs.)
  • agree to provide at least a $1,000 cash contribution toward the down payment and/or closing costs.

Learn more about the Live Near Your Work program and review the application.

Helpful Tips

  • Read all Live Near Your Work program instructions fully prior to signing a contract of sale.
  • Learn about additional Baltimore home-buying incentives under "Baltimore Homeownership Incentive Program."
  • Carefully review the UB Live Near Your Work program geographical boundaries.
  • Begin the grant application process as early as possible after selecting a home.
  • Note that a home inspection is typically recommended and could be required by the mortgage product being obtained by you, the borrower.
  • Contact Suzanne Tabor (410.837.4533) with any questions prior to starting the application process.

Application Instructions

UB employees wishing to apply for Live Near Your Work funding should:

  • determine that you meet all of UB’s eligibility requirements
  • print and complete Baltimore’s Live Near Your Work application.
  • complete Homeownership Counseling
  • bring the completed application and all other required documentation as set forth in the application to:
    UB Office of Government and Public Affairs:
    Suzanne Tabor
    Academic Center, Room 114
    1420 N. Charles St., Baltimore, MD 21201

Next Steps

  • The Office of Government and Public Affairs will complete the employer section of the Live Near Your Work application and will assist you with obtaining UB employment verification.
  • You will submit the verified application along and the supporting documentation to Baltimore Housing’s Office of Homeownership.
  • Baltimore Housing will review your application, determine if you are awarded the grant and notify you directly of grant approval.
  • Once approved, you must bring a copy of the Live Near Your Work application, the name and contact information for your title company and your scheduled settlement date to the Office of Government and Public Affairs to begin the process of receiving UB's $1,000 matching contribution.
  • Before your scheduled settlement date, you will receive one check from UB and one check from Baltimore Housing.

Upon approval of your application, allow a minimum of 15 business days for Baltimore Housing and for UB to process your checks.

Program Conditions

The following conditions apply:

  • An application for a grant does not guarantee that a grant will be awarded.
  • Grants awards are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Grants cannot be rewarded retroactively.
  • Grants are available for homes purchased in UB's designated areas only.
  • Grants may be used only for down payment or closing costs at settlement. 
  • One grant per eligible property address.
  • One grant per employee.
  • Award decisions of the Baltimore Housing’s Homeownership Office are final.  
  • Program eligibility requirements and other criteria may apply, be changed or discontinued at any time without notice.
  • Grants are provided at the discretion of UB and Baltimore Housing’s Homeownership Office.

Contact Information

At UB:

for UB program eligibility and process questions

Suzanne Tabor
Office of Government and Public Affairs
 or 410.837.4533

Baltimore Live Near Your Work: 

for questions concerning Baltimore's Live Near Your Work program

Daibeth Saunders

Last Published 12/1/17