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Attract, Motivate, Retain. 

Money may not be every employee's main motivator but compensation affects everyone. Economically, our salaries contribute to enabling each of us to develop and maintain a quality of life that suits our needs. Our salaries provide a feeling of personal worth and self-esteem.

At UB, compensation is referenced or compared to equivalent positions in the competitive job market, and is further influenced by the availability of financial resources and each employee's ability to meet and exceed performance standards.

More importantly, our salaries are one of five elements in a framework of total rewards-everything an employee receives or has access to as a result of working at UB. These rewards consist of:

Questions about compensation and classification?

Mary Maher
Assistant Vice President/EEO Officer for Human Resources

  • Health and welfare benefits, paid time off, retirement plans, tuition remission, dependent benefits and employee discount programs.
  • Work content, variety, challenge, contribution and accomplishment.
  • Building a career with opportunities for growth, development, improvement, advancement and employment security.
  • Affiliation with UB, the University System of Maryland and the higher education industry, working in and with reputable institutions and partnering with colleagues and associated groups of professionals.
  • Compensation, recognition and awards.

These elements build the foundation of UB's total rewards package.  

Last Published 9/13/17