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Frequently Asked Questions List

  • Can I work more than one job at UB at the same time?

    Yes, regular and contingent employees can have more than one job or contract at UB. A second UB job would be contractual. The second job cannot conflict with your normal work hours.

    When you sign a contract for additional work, you must also sign a Secondary Employment Form. This form must be provided to primary manager, who is responsible for verifying that any hours you work in addition to your regular job will not conflict. The Secondary Employment Form must be sent to HR with the additional contract.

  • Can  I work part time for another State agency while still working full time at UB?

    Yes, but you must advise that agency that you have a full-time position with UB. That agency should then complete its own Secondary Employment Form and return a copy to UB for your personnel file.

  • How do I change my address?

    There are several places you may need to update your address. You will update your address with UB, the Central Payroll agency and, if you receive health benefits through UB, you will update your address with the State of Maryland Health Benefits unit.

    • To update the address on record with the University:
      1. Logon the MyUB Portal.
      2. In the HR Self Service box click the My Personal Information link.
      3. On the next screen, click the Change home address box.
      4. Click the Edit button, located to the right of your address.
      5. In the next screen, update your address, then click Save.
    • To change your address with Central Payroll click here. The Agency number for UB is 360228.
    • If you receive benefits through UB, you need to update your address with the State of Maryland Health Benefits unit. Click here then select Address/Name Change.
    NOTE: Student employees who need to change  the address on their student record should contact the Office of Records and Registration.