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The Hoffberger Center for Professional Ethics was established in 1987 with a grant from the Hoffberger Foundation .

The Hoffberger Center has grown and prospered because of the continued interest and support of our friends in the academic, business and professional communities. By inviting our colleagues from community colleges, corporations and the professions to participate in the Hoffberger Center programs and activities, we are learning a great deal about the kinds of ethical issues and problems that arise in business and the professions, and we are sharing these insights with our University faculty and students.

In return, the Hoffberger Center has been able to offer guidance in developing ethical awareness, ethical decision-making, and codes of ethics to our friends outside the University of Baltimore. Together we have discovered that for any discussion of ethics to be of lasting value it must combine well the practical with the theoretical.

Mission Statement

The Hoffberger Center is to promote ethical awareness and critical discussion of ethical issues across all University curricula and academic programs. Emphasis is placed on encouraging students to think responsibly about the kinds of moral dilemmas and choices they will face as Maryland's future business and professional leaders. The Center provides faculty with teaching models for realizing its primary mission and sponsors faculty research, student internships and public programs in business and professional ethics.

Map and Directions

Last Published 11/18/15