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Here are some guidelines for choosing the right type of computer when deciding between a desktop or laptop. 

desktop computer

Desktop Type

The reason to choose a desktop over a laptop is usually price a combination of processing power and cost. A laptop with the same processor and memory as a desktop will, for now, cost more than the desktop. That's a detail to consider when selecting for a personal purchase. 

Additional advantages to a desktop: 

  • As mentioned, they are more powerful than laptops of the same price.
  • Desktops are more durable and reliable. 
  • Offer more opportunities for upgrading or expanding hard drive storage. 
  • Ergonomics tend to be better with a desk system, making them ideal if you'll be working on your computer in your office more than any other location. 
  • Larger display options. 
  • Less vulnerable to theft. 
  • Potentially help you with work-life balance. Even with UB's remote access options, there is less of a drive to connect if you don't have your work computer with you everywhere. 
  • More onsite service options. Many desktop hardware problems can be fixed by our technicians and onsite. Laptop repairs are more likely to require service offsite. 


Why Select a Laptop

The main reason to choose a laptop is for the portability.

Here are some reasons you may want the portability:

  • You prefer to or need to work in different spaces. A laptop can be taken to the library, the classroom, home, a trip, the coffee shop.
  • You use licensed software that you need to access even if you don’t have an Internet connection.


Last Published 4/2/16